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NYC's Summer Restaurant Week: When & Where in Brooklyn?

In the summer, NY's famous Restaurant Week offers diners a chance to have prix-fixe meals at good restaurants. When is NYC Restaurant Week this summer, and which Brooklyn restaurants participate?

Brooklyn's Not an Outer Borough Anymore

Ain't it time to stop saying "outer boroughs," at least in regard to Brooklyn and OK, maybe Queens? Here's a case to bury the Manhattan hatchet (job).

White Flags Fly atop Brooklyn Bridge: Art, Symbolism or Sabotage?

Huh? Why did white flags replace the American flags atop the Brooklyn Bridge on July 22 , 2014? And are they symbolic or sabotage?

Free Outdoor Movies in Brooklyn Bridge Park DUMBO: Summer Schedule

Enjoy outdoor movies in gorgeous Brooklyn Bridge Park in DUMBO. Free DJ, dancing, short films and classic feature length films, shown against the backdrop of one of the world's most famous skyline views. Here's the calendar of Thursday night summertime free movies showing in Brooklyn Bridge Park.

Coney Island Free Outdoor Movies - Flicks on the Beach Summer Schedule

Free summer fun! Here's the 2014 Coney Island Monday Flicks on the Beach schedule. Eat a Nathans, ride a rollercoaster, walk the boardwalk...

Williamsburg Free Events in East River Park: Summer Schedule

Welcome to free cultural events in Williamsburg, at East River State Park. Enjoy good company and spectacular views of Manhattan!

Where to Watch—When July 4 Macys Fireworks are Over the Hudson River

If you are in Brooklyn, where should you position yourself to watch the July 4th Macy's fireworks when the display is over the Hudson, on Manhattan's west side?

Wierd Weather Global Warming, Climate Change in Brooklyn

How will New York recover and rebuild in the wake of Hurricane Sandy? What steps must be taken for smart urban planning to accommodate global warming, rising sea levels and related natural disasters? New York City is, after all, one of the biggest urban centers in the United States, a world class city — and a vulnerable coastal area. Here's what NYC Mayor Bloomberg envisioned weeks after Hurricane Sandy wreaked unimaginable destruction in the Big Apple.

Where's & Whats of Renting Those Nice Blue CitiBikes: User Guide

Which subway stop in Brooklyn has a big Citi Bike station? If you want to take a ferry from Brooklyn to Manhattan, which ferry stops have Citi Bike stations? These and other useful CitiBike tips.

Brooklyn Summer: Annual Calendar of What's Happening in July in Brooklyn

What's happening in Brooklyn this July? Check this up to date listing of some of the most interesting Brooklyn events, from film festivals to summer concerts, from free First Saturday events at the Brooklyn Museum to boating off of Brooklyn Bridge Park.

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