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Riding a Citi Bike Across the Brooklyn Bridge: Tips & Routes

Thinking of renting a Citi Bike to ride across the Brooklyn Bridge? Find out where to find bike stations on the Brooklyn side, and learn where else you can ride, nearby.

Checklist of 10 Top NYC Landmarks to See from Brooklyn Bridge

Brooklyn Bridge Must-Sees" If you are walking the Brooklyn Bridge, the Statue of Liberty is one of the most important landmarks to notice.

Islands (Not Caribbean!) Worth a Visit: Ellis,Governors,Liberty & Long

Brooklyn's got an island culture of its own. It's just now what you think.

Sunset Over Statue of Liberty & NY Harbor — 8 Best Views from Brooklyn

8 places in Brooklyn offer spectacular sunset views of NY Harbor, including the River Cafe, ferries, and the Promenade on a bluff overlooking the Harbor. And if you believe this photo shows the real Lady Liberty, there's a bridge I'd like to sell you....

Best Brooklyn Views of Empire State Building—Photo Op

One can see the Empire State Building, one of America's iconic landmarks, from miles away. On special occasions, it is lit in colored lights at night, making for a dreamy vista from Brooklyn.

Coney Island Free Outdoor Movies - MONDAY Flicks on the Beach Schedule

Free summer fun! Here's the 2014 Coney Island Monday Flicks on the Beach schedule. Eat a Nathans, ride a rollercoaster, walk the boardwalk...

Which Brooklyn Beach to Go To? Coney Island, Manhattan Beach,Brighton Beach

Trying to decide which beach in Brooklyn to go to?Here's a thumbnail sketch of Brooklyn's three public beaches, in Coney Island, Manhattan Beach and Brighton Beach.

Which Skyscraper Is It? The Empire State Building? Or Chrysler?

Looking at Manhattan's skyline from Brooklyn, one sees a lot of skyscrapers. But which is the Chrysler Building? Which the Empire State Building?

NYC Views: 5 Historic Bridges You Can See from the Brooklyn Bridge

Walking across the Brooklyn Bridge one sees many bridges. What are they?

When Does Macy's Announce the Location of NY's July 4 Fireworks?

East or West side? Where are the Macy's July 4th fireworks this (coming) year, and when will the fireworks' location be announced?

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