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Boston Marathon Anniversary, A View from Brooklyn

Monday April 21, 2014

Today is the anniversary of the Boston Marathon bombing. At 3:40 PM, April 15., 2013, we posted this note "condolences from Brooklyn to Boston" on the day of the Boston Marathon bombing: 6 Things the Boston Marathon Bombings Mean for Brooklyn.

Brooklyn Pizza? Interview with Rosanna Scotto, Brooklyn born TV Anchor

Sunday April 20, 2014

Brooklyn Pizza? Interview with Rosanna Scotto, Brooklyn-born  Fox TV Anchor

As Much Fashion as Faith, Fab Hats at NYC’s Easter Parade

Sunday April 20, 2014

Happy Easter! There's no major Easter parade in Brooklyn...So..go see the wonderful hats on display at the  Easter Parade in Manhattan. It runs all day, so there's still time to get a glimpse. On  Fifth Avenue, 47th to 57th Streets.  10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

The City is reframing the Easter Day Parade as New York's latest free, extravaganza costume event --  not just a religious event, but a mega-event  in the same category as our city's famous Halloween costume parades and even Brooklyn's Caribbean ethnic Labor Day West Indian Day Parade. So, hop on the subway, Brooklyn fashionistas!

The following is  excerpted from NYC.gov, New York City's official  website.

  • The NYC Easter Parade begins at 47th Street and Fifth Avenue, near St. Patrick's Cathedral.
  • The Easter Day Parade in New York has been a tradition since the late nineteenth century.
  • Admission to the Easter Parade NYC is free.
  • 5th Ave-53rd St (E, V); Lexington-3rd Aves-51st St (6, E, V); 47-50th Sts-Rockefeller Center (B, D, F, V) . How to get there from Brooklyn

Event Overview: The NYC Easter Parade is a lavish, family-friendly event that spans the length of Fifth Avenue between 47th Street and 57th Street. The Easter Day Parade in NYC used to be a strictly religious event, but is now known for the latest fashions of Easter bonnets, costumed pets and family fun.

What to Expect: While not as popular as New York's St. Patrick's Day Parade, the Easter Day Parade is still crowded - attendees in a typical parade number well over 30,000.

  • Hats and Finery: Fashion is becoming an increasingly significant part of the NYC Easter Parade .... Participants often dress in new and fashionable clothing, donning elaborate hats and accessories. In recent years,...the parade has taken on some of the novelty of Halloween, with participants dressing in gaudy costumes meant to parody the extravagant outfits of times past.
  • Mixed Crowd: Originally a purely religious event, the NYC Easter Parade now draws people of all religious beliefs, most of whom attend the parade to check out the latest fashions. For every person observing the religious holiday you're likely to find one satirizing its extravagances - some go so far as to don mesh, flower-adorned hats filled with live birds.

Established in the late nineteenth century, the NYC Easter Parade was for many years a symbol of American culture and prosperity. Once a purely religious celebration, the Easter Day Parade now draws people of varied beliefs; the parade itself has been, for the most part, secularized, as an increasing number of people attend the parade to see and be seen in (or parody) the latest fashions.


  • Use the subway, don't drive: Street parking near the Easter Day Parade is extremely limited and garage parking expensive,..
  • Bathrooms: Portable restrooms are not available at the NYC Easter Parade
  • Bring the kids: ... This is a family-friendly event, so don't leave the kiddos at home!


Not Too Late! Go See Fab Hats at All-Day NYC Easter Day Parade

Sunday April 20, 2014

Having a lazy morning? Don't worry. There's still time to go see the wonderful hats on parade at the  Easter Parade in Manhattan. It runs till late afternoon!


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