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Thinksgiving, This Thanksgiving 2012

By November 22, 2012

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Thanksgiving, 2012: It's so easy just to focus on the food, really, especially for secular New Yorkers who are used to a dose of irony in our pumpkin pie. But this year, really, we should dub this "Thinksgiving" and give some time to stare not just at our own bellybuttons but at the world around us. Surely, there is much to be thankful for. But also,  there's so much to ponder!

Here's my personal list for this Thinksgiving: The shock of Sandy, a global-warming fueled hurricane that wrecked so much for so many here,  including our city's sense of invulnerability to Katrina like devastation. The curious image-rehabilitation of "Occupy Wall Street"ers  from a rag tag group of malcontents to the good young folks who, with their organizational skills, energy and generosity, are helping rescue the Rockaways. A terribly fragile peace in the Middle East, in a neighborhood where so many New Yorkers have ethnic, religious and political ties, not to mention opinions thereon. The down home honesty of Jersey's Chris Christie in embracing Obama in a rare across-the-isle thank you. The truly delicious relief of witnessing the survival of democracy in the recent election, when everyday folk, not just nutty conspiracy theorists, feared the election might be "stolen" from our first black president. A weirdly shaped economic recovery in which shareholders are making money from their investments, but new college grads cannot find a decent first job. From legalization of gay marriage in a few states to the stunning re-opening of Myanmar...well, one  could go on, but I'll spare you.

Thinkgsiving, 2012. What are you thinking about?


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