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Ellen Freudenheim

7 Things You Can Do About the Newtown Elementary School Shootings

By December 15, 2012

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Every time a tragedy like yesterday's murders at a Connecticut elementary school occurs, you have to ask yourself, what can I do? Speaking locally, as a Brooklyn blogger, New York City has about a million kids in school. And Brooklyn, while pretty safe these days, is no stranger to gun violence, albeit never at the massive level of the recent shootings in the Portland mall, the Aurora cinema, the bucolic Newtown school.

So, instead of just sitting in shock, how about responding politically, as citizens? Here's how: 7 Things You Can Do.

I'm sorry to say, it's not going to be quick or easy. But right now, there's honest soul-searching going on in the nation. If you are a gun owner, and you feel there should be limits on firearm distribution, ownership, or use, please speak up in whatever forum you deem fit.

It's just terribly important, as we see from these excruciating funerals this week, to break the log jam on the gun issue in America.

December 15, 2012 at 10:21 am
(1) Kentucky mother says:

1. Work with your local mental health professionals to develop policies and laws to help and supervise adults with mental illness.

2. Fund and implement an awareness campaign advising people to keep guns locked in gun safes.

3. Implement an awareness campaign advising people who have guns and live with people suffering from mental illness to turn guns they have into the police.

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