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An Overview of the History of Brooklyn, New York - About.com
A look into the history of Brooklyn, New York from its original state as a Native American community to its current place as one of the most populated regions in  ...
New-York Historical Society Visitors Guide - New York City Travel
Changing exhibitions at the New-York Historical Society are engaging and often interactive -- they raise issues about history and encourage visitors to question ...
Five Points Neighborhood in New York City - 19th Century History
Learn about the Five Points, a notorious neighborhood in New York City in the 1800s.
New York City's American Museum of Natural History - Manhattan
Visit the American Museum of Natural History in New York City and explore the amazing worlds of the dinosaurs, outer space, and the history of the natural world  ...
History of New York City - New York City Travel - About.com
Resources, web sites and organizations concerned with education and preservation of New York history.
New York History Museums - New York City Travel - About.com
If you're a history buff, New York City offers you a wealth of opportunities to increase your knowledge with its diverse collection of history museums. From Ellis ...
American Museum of Natural History (AMNH) - New York City Travel
The American Museum of Natural History is one of New York City's most popular attractions. Four floors of exhibits cover a diverse range of topics and nearly ...
Tammany Hall - 19th Century History - About.com
Tammany Hall was political machine that ran New York City through a system of political patronage, and it was the epitome of corrupt politics in the 1800s.
The History of New York City Bagels - Bagels, a Favorite New York ...
There aren't that many foods that can be considered "iconic New York" -- the city is such a melting pot that almost every food you'll find here hails from ...
New York City Museums with Suggested Admission Prices
In order to make museums affordable for all, these New York City museums have ... Admission at the American Museum of Natural History is always suggested ...
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