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September 11 2001 Memorials in Brooklyn — A Guide for Visitors and Locals


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September 11 Memorial: Sunset Park Grove of Healing, in Sunset Park,Brooklyn NY

Sunset Park Grove of Healing

What you'll see: The Grove of Healing is a September 11th living memorial in a historic park known as Sunset Park, in the neighborhood of the same name, with a view of Lower Manhattan on the horizon.

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On September 11, 2011: Sunset Park is one of the highest spots in Brooklyn, from which one has good views of the entire swath of NY Harbor and lower Manhattan. Many people, including first responders from the area, were affected by the WTC attacks on 9/11.

About the monument: This was New York City's first Living Memorial Grove, dedicated November 25th, 2002. According to a media advisory from the NYC Parks Department, "The Sunset Park Memorial Grove consists of 45 trees – 16 Yellowood, 21 Two Winged Silver Bells and 8 White Flowering Red Buds – planted in an oval. In addition, Parks has planted a triangular garden with 78 White Carpet Roses, 70 Cotoneaster Shrubs, and 3,000 White Dwarf Narcissus. Inside the grove, local school children will plant daffodils linking the Living Memorial Grove to the Daffodil Project, New York City’s first September 11th living memorial effort sponsored by the Department of Parks & Recreation and New Yorkers for Parks."

How to get there: About Sunset Park

Fee: Free.

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