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September 11 2001 Memorials in Brooklyn — A Guide for Visitors and Locals


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September 11 Beacon Memorial at Pier 69 in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn
September 11 2001 Memorials in Brooklyn — A Guide for Visitors and Locals

The 911 Beacon Memorial at American Veterans Memorial Pier at Pier 69 in Bay Ridge marks the spot from which many Brooklyn locals watched the tragic events of September 11 2001.

Photo © E. Freudenheim

911 "Beacon" Memorial at American Veterans Memorial Pier in Bay Ridge

What you'll see: There's a beautiful view of Manhattan from Pier 69 in Bay Ridge, a two-and-a-half acre area that's more formally known as the American Veterans Memorial Pier. It's a popular location for fishermen, sunbathers, walkers and families. And, in the middle of Pier 69 sits a 25-foot tall symbolic speaking-trumpet, with an interior lamp, the Beacon Memorial.

9/11 Memorial Inscription at the "Beacon": The inscription at the base of the Beacon Memorial reads, BROOKLYN REMEMBERS... FOR THOSE LOST ON SEPTEMBER 11, 2001. It was dedicated in 2005.

On September 11, 2011: Horrified local residents and workers watched the events of September 11th from Pier 69, from which you can clearly see a huge section of lower Manhattan. On a clear day (that September 11th, the sky was blue and cloudless), the views extend as far as the Empire State Building in midtown Manhattan. People standing at Pier 69 when the World Center twin towers collapsed could see them crumble and disappear from view, albeit in the distance.

About the monument: This bronze monument, by sculptor Robert Ressler, was cast in 2004 in Brooklyn at the Bedi-Makky Foundry in Greenpoint, and dedicated on May 16, 2005. Funds for this monument were raised in part by the community.

How to get there: American Veterans Memorial Pier is on 69th Street off of Shore Road in Bay Ridge. It is accessible by bike or by foot from a lovely residential section of Bay Ridge. From Third Avenue in Bay Ridge, just walk down 70th Street toward the water. You can also get there by car, and park on the side streets.

Fee: Free.

For more information: NYC Parks Department information on the Memorial
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