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Brooklyn Book Festival: Annual NYC September Literary Festival

2013 Brooklyn Book Festival Overview


The September Brooklyn Book Festival has rapidly grown to become a focal NYC literary event. Launched in 2005, it features award-winning authors, local publishers, and even musicians and comedians.

  • When: The main event in 2013 is on Sunday September 23, with five days of other literary events, called "Bookend Events" scattered throughout the borough.

Writers, Writers Everywhere!

A boggling 280 authors, including some who've written best sellers, will participate on the main Brooklyn Book Festival day, Sunday, September 22, 2013. In addition, another 100 or more authors will participate in Bookend events, September 16-22, 2013.


The Brooklyn Book Festival is the largest free literary event in New York City.

Dubbed by its organizers as a " hip, smart, diverse gathering" for book lovers, it's one of the nation's most promising book festivals.


1. Where Is the Brooklyn Book Festival?

The Brooklyn Book Festival is .... in Brooklyn, New York! You can attend events at over a dozen different stages in Downtown Brooklyn and Brooklyn Heights.


Events in downtown Brooklyn will be held at Brooklyn Borough Hall (209 Joralemon Street) and Borough Hall Plaza, Columbus Park, St. Francis College, Brooklyn Heights Public Library, Brooklyn Law School, the Brooklyn Historical Society and St. Ann & The Holy Trinity Church.

Ancillary "bookend events" during September 16-22 are held in other neighborhoods.


2. Is it Free?

  • All Festival events on Sunday, September 22, 2013 are free. The "Bookend" events held during
  • Some Bookend events, September 16-22, charge a fee.

3. Main Day: 100 Events & Panel Discussions on Sunday September 23,2013

Choose from over a hundred different panel discussions, between spending your time wandering the hundreds of booths featuring publishers, agents, booksellers and other literary initiatives.

4. 2013 List of Participating Authors

Want to know if your favorite author will be speaking or reading at the Brooklyn Book Festival? Or, maybe, your college roommate? Here's where to find out.

7. Go to "Bookend" Events in DUMBO

Stay tuned for 2013 update

9. Children & Youth Literature Authors

Stay tuned for 2013 update

10. Poets

Poets get their moment in the sun at the Brooklyn Book Festival, too. See who will be reading, signing and discussing.

11. A Word About Brooklyn Book Festivals Past: Who Was There?

Want to know who has participated in this event in the past? Here's where to find the list of past participants:

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