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Where to Eat Near Barclays Center, BAM & Atlantic Avenue Mall & Station

14 Park Slope Restaurants: Kid-Friendly Pizza to Killer Cocktails & Fine Dining


Where To Eat Near the Barclays Center, Atlantic Center Mall, BAM

Brooklyn's concentrated hub near the Atlantic Terminal and Atlantic Avenue subway station includes attractions that draw thousands: the Atlantic Center Mall, the Brooklyn Academy of Music, the hip Brooklyn Flea vintage market on weekends, and of course the vast Barclays Center, the new Brooklyn Nets stadium.

All of these attractions are located on Flatbush Avenue, which sports a few restaurants. And although one can find food at the stadium and fast food at Atlantic Center mall too, sometimes its nice to have a meal in a typical Brooklyn neighborhood restaurant.

Here are some suggestions of a range of nearby restaurants in Park Slope.

The furthest are Belleville, a French bistro and lounge on 5th Street, about a 15 block walk from Barclay Stadium, and Brooklyn's location for the popular pizzeria, Two Boots (which is famous for giving kids a ball of pizza dough to play with while waiting at the table).

The closest is Melt, a tiny, if highly-regarded farm-to-table restaurant that's within a five minute walk of the Barclays Center.


  1. Alchemy Restaurant at 56 Fifth Avenue. Tel: (718) 636-4385
  2. Stone Park Cafe at 324 5th Avenue. Reservation suggested for parties over 6; sometimes there's a line. Tel: (718) 369-0082
  3. Press 195 at 195 5th Avenue. Good pressed sandwiches; not always fast service. Tel: (718) 857-1950

  5. Melt at 440 Bergen Street. Tel: (718) 230-5925
  6. Flatbush Farm at 76 Street Marks Avenue. Tel: (718) 622-3276

  8. Miriam Restaurant at 79 5th Avenue. Modern middle eastern; long lines at brunch. Tel: (718) 622-.2250
  9. Bogata Latin Bistro at141 5th Avenue. Good food, strong drinks, noisy. Tel: (718) 230-3805
  10. Belleville Bistro & Lounge at 330 5th Street. Small, French bistro. Tel: (718) 832-9777
  11. Long Tan at 196 Fifth Avenue. Tel: (718) 622-8444
  12. AOC Bistro at 259 5h Avenue (French) Tel: (718) 788-1515
  13. Fornino at 254 5th Avenue. Speciality is pizza (whole pies) with range of other Italian foods. Tel: (718) 399-8600

  15. Two Boots 514 Second Street. Tel: (718) 499-3253

  17. Ozzies's Coffee & Tea at 249 5th Avenue. (917) 768-6868
  18. The Chocolate Room at 86 5th Avenue. Tel: (718) 783-2900

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