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9 Things to Know About Getting Tickets to Barclays Center Events

Brooklyn's Mega-Entertainment Venue & Sports Stadium Hosts 220 Events a Year


So you want to go to a concert or game at Barclays Center? Find out about getting tickets.

1. Where Can I See What's Happening at Barclays Center?

Nets in Play
Credit: Nathaniel S. Butler
Q: Where's the best place to get a calendar of concerts, games and family events at Barclays Center?


A: For upcoming events, visit BarclaysCenter.com or see Ticketmaster.

2. How Much are Tickets to the Brooklyn Nets Games?

Q: How much are tix to a Nets game?


A: It varies. For information about season and half season tickets, see the Brooklyn Nets website. Call 718 NETS-TIX for information. Options include:

  • Season Tickets
  • Half Season Tickets
  • Individual Tickets
  • Group Tickets
  • Mini Plans (11 games)
  • Premium Tickets

In 2012, individual ticket prices for Nets games ranged from $55 to $175.

3. What About those $15 Tickets to Nets Games?

Denis Hamill, a Brooklynite if ever there was one, wrote on August 1, 2011, in the NY Daily News, "On Monday, (Bruce) Ratner (the majority owner of the Brookyln Nets) said,


“There will be 2,000 $15 seats at every Brooklyn Nets game, and 50% of Nets tickets will be $55 or less."

Just how you get one of these cheap tickets remains to be seen. We are still seeking information; stay tuned.

4. How Early Do Concert Tickets Go On Sale?

Q: How far in advance does Barclays sell tickets to major shows and concerts?


A: There’s no specific timing as to how far in advance tickets go on sale. It varies by show.

5. Can I Buy a Package or Season Ticket to Concerts at Barclays Center?

Q: Can consumers buy a membership with discounts or multi-event season ticket?


A: No. All non-Nets events are sold on as individual tickets (no season plans).

If you're buying the top tier All Access Pass, Brooklyn Nets season tickets, you get first rights to buy tickets for all other non Nets events.

6. Where Can I Buy Barclays Center Tickets?

Q: Where can I get tickets?


A: Well, there are a lot of options in the ticket world. You can search online for various ticket sellers, though you'll probably pay more than if you bought directly from the venue.

  • You can purchase directly from the Barclays Center Box Office, on Flatbush Avenue in Brooklyn.
  • Tickets are also sold through Ticketmaster.
  • Get full-price ticket information from Barclays Center official website.

7. Do Children Need Their Own Ticket? Do Kids Get In Free?

Q: Do kids get in free?


A: No. There's a general policy on tickets for kids (see below) but family shows geared specifically toward children may have a different age policy. Here's the general policy:

For Sporting Events & "Most Concerts": Kids 2 years of age and younger do not require a ticket to be admitted into Barclays Center. But they must sit on adult’s lap and may not occupy a seat.

Children age 3 and above need their own ticket to enter the arena and must occupy their ticketed seat only.

The policy says, "Children up to 34” inches in height may enter Barclays Center free of charge but must share a seat with an accompanying ticketed adult."

8. Which Seats Are Best?

Q: Which seats are best for different kinds of events?


A: Each show’s setup is visible when you go to purchase tickets online. Seating charts are also available on the Nets website in a state-of-the-art 3D seating chart so you can "see" where you might sit using the 3-D seat gizmo on the venue's website.

9. How Can I Get Advance Announcements of Concerts and Shows?

Q: Can you sign up for emails or tweet reminders about when concert tix go on sales?


A: Visit BarclaysCenter.com to sign up for Barclays Center Behind the Scenes newsletter and receive event updates, presale notices, and more. Follow @BarclaysCenter on Twitter and Facebook (http://www.facebook.com/barclayscenter) for the latest updates and special pre-sale offers.

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