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Chili Pepper Fiesta at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden

Annual Foodie Family Fun — Celebration of Chocolate, Chilies, and Autumn


Some Like it... HOT! Don't miss the fabulous, family-friendly, worth-a-visit-from-Manhattan annual Chili Pepper Fiesta at the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens, a sure sign that autumn has arrived.

2013 is the 21st anniversary of this increasingly popular, inventive Brooklyn festival. That means it ranks as one of Brooklyn's very first "foodie" events.

Celebrate Chocolate! & Chilis!

Brooklyn, with its vibrant culinary culture, has become a home for artisanal chocolate making, and local vendors (and others from upstate, Pennsylvania and elsewhere) come to sell their wares. So, at this fabulous event, chocaholics will have a sweet time of it, with many opportunities to indulge in free chocolate tastings, to buy chocolates for their friends (and themselves). With a Vermont vibe and a decidedly friendly mix of people, you can mix and mingle with other foodies. Also, meet celeb chocolate chefs from about a dozen local favorite chocolate factories and shops, from Mast Brothers to the Chocolate Room.

Needless to say, with acres to run in and all that chocolate, the kids will have fun (especially at the "how to make hot chocolate" workshop.

Of course, to spice things up, paired with the chocolates are chilies galore. Vendors in one part of the Botanic Gardens are selling sweets, and in another section, they're showcasing their hot sauce, one hotter than the next.

Live Global Music

And, everyone can enjoy hours of hot live music, with over a dozen performances cooking through the afternoon on three stages. It's a global melange, featuring "bands from chile-loving regions." So, expect everything from Mexican mariachi to Cajun bayou music to funky Afro-electronica and more.

Oh, and you can visit and much at food stands, cast your vote for the best chocolate, attend a book signing, and much more. For families, chocolate and chili foodies, and anyone who loves to wander outside in a beautiful garden, the Brooklyn Botanic Garden's Chili Pepper festival is one of Brooklyn's best autumn outings.

Important Details

  • When: October 5, 11 AM- 6 PM: rain or shine (some events are inside tents)
  • Fees: Adults, $20, seniors and students with ID $15, kids under 12 free
  • More info on the Brooklyn Botanic Garden
  • See website: http://www.bbg.org/visit/event/chile_pepper_fiesta_2012

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