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A December Walk on the Brooklyn Bridge: Guide to Weather, Restaurants & Sights



A December Walk on the Brooklyn Bridge: Guide to Weather, Restaurants & Sights

The iconic Brooklyn Bridge

Photo by Ellen Freudenheim

Free, At-a-Glance Holiday Guide to Walking Across the Brooklyn Bridge in December

Make the Brooklyn Bridge part of your holiday plans this December in New York City.

Whether you're a local Brooklyn resident, or a visitor from Australia, a hike across the Brooklyn Bridge can make for an exhilarating outing in the holiday season.

Here's a quick guide to average temperatures, where to get a hot chocolate or snack after walking the bridge, and special seasonal things you can see while you're on the pedestrian pathway. Use it, and pass it along — and happy holidays!

What's the Weather for Christmas?

How Cold is the Weather on the Brooklyn Bridge in December?

There's no accounting for the weather. One year, the winter in NYC is mild, and the next is brutal. That said, here are the averages:
  • Average: 37 degrees Farenheit (3 degrees C)
  • Average High: 43 degrees Farenheit (6 degrees C)
  • Average Low: 32 degrees Farenheit (6 degrees C)
  • Snow: Sometimes there's snow in December; on average about two and a half inches for the month. It can be beautiful walking over the Brooklyn Bridge, crunching through fresh snow — but also slippery. Try to avoid a day that's both cold and windy.

See the Sunrise or Sunset

  • December Sunrise: 7 to 7:20 A.M. (Sunrise gets later as the month advances)
  • December Sunset: 4:30 P.M

3 Great Reasons to Walk the Brooklyn Bridge in December

  1. If you walk the Brooklyn Bridge at dusk or at night, you can see the lights of the Empire State Building. They'll be white and blue on Chanukah, red on World AIDS Day (December 1), and red and green for Christmas.
  2. It's a great way to work off some calories from holiday excess.
  3. If you're entertaining visitors for the holidays, they'll never forget a walk over the Brooklyn Bridge!

5 Special December Days, Perfect for a Walk Across the Bridge

Special December holidays when you might want to take a walk over the Brooklyn Bridge, weather permitting:

December Views

What to Look For When Walking From Brooklyn to Manhattan
  1. Empire State Building holiday season lights
  2. Chrysler Building
  3. South Street Seaport holiday lights
  4. Statue of Liberty

  5. What to Look For When Walking From Manhattan to Brooklyn

  6. Jane's Carousel and holiday decorations
  7. Brooklyn Bridge Park
  8. DUMBO

What to Wear

  • Dress in layers, and dress warmly! There can be a stiff breeze on the bridge.
  • Sturdy shoes, warm gloves, a scarf, hat, and coat are recommended.

Where to Fuel Up with Food and Snacks

Chilly after a brisk walk across the Brooklyn Bridge?
  • Hot Chocolate: Jacques Torres
  • Soup and croissant: Almondine
  • Brunch? Try one of the Top 10 DUMBO brunch spots
  • Pizza: In December 2011, Grimaldi's is moving. Check to see if they're open before going. Expect lines if they're open. Or, try Iganzio's at 4 Front Street.
  • Expensive & elegant: Reserve in advance (and men, wear a jacket) at River Cafe.




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