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Health and Healthy Living in Brooklyn NYA guide to health in Brooklyn NY, including information on Brooklyn hospitals, emergency rooms and mental health services, and information about weight loss programs and care giving services in Brooklyn. Also includes information on emergency preparedness, and articles on spas in Brooklyn and fitness in Brooklyn.
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  3. Hurricanes, Storms, Earthquakes (35)
  4. Managing Hot Weather in Brooklyn (3)

10 Basic Items to Keep in Your Home Emergency Supply Kit
Are you ready in case some natural disaster or man-made crisis requires you and your family to stay indoors for a few days? It could happen, for instance, in the event of a big snow storm or hurricane, a terrorist attack or nuclear incident at Indian Point. Here's what the NYC Department of Health recommends that you need to stash away for,...

Safest Restaurants in Brooklyn
Before choosing a restaurant in Brooklyn, check to see what grade it got from the New York City Department of Health. Here's how to a)find out whether your favorite restaurant got an A for food hygiene, and b) what do those big letters in the restaurant windows mean?

What to Do with Kids Outdoors When it Snows in Brooklyn

When winter weather slams the Northeast and closes Brooklyn schools, cabin fever can set in as kids and parents are trapped indoors. Here are some tips on what you can do to get outdoors and enjoy the snowfall.

Preparing for a Storm or Hurricane in Brooklyn: What You Should Know
Is a storm coming our way? Find out what you need to know to protect your self and your family, as well as your home, in Brooklyn.

Car Accidents: 8 Driver Do's & Don'ts In Hurricanes, Floods & Storms that Flood
The weather pattern's changing with global warming. During 2011's Hurricane Irene, for instance, there was flooding in hundreds of vacation spots visited by Brooklynites, from Connecticut to Vermont to Maryland's beaches. Did you know that most flood related deaths are related to driving mistakes? Find out what to do, and what to avoid, when...

Essential Things to Do When a Hurricane Threatens Brooklyn New York
Hurricanes can cause havoc in Brooklyn. Find out what to do, who to contact, what to put in a Go Bag and more.

7 Places to Cool Off in Brooklyn during Extreme Heat Waves-Air Conditioned Spots
Where to get cool during summer heat wave in Brooklyn? Find out where to go for air conditioning, cooling centers, summer breezes, pools and more. Stay healthy, stay cool!

Guns in Brooklyn New York: Legal & Illegal Guns, Gun Buy Backs, Advocacy Groups
Gun ownership is contested on the national stage, but Brooklyn has enjoyed a decline in gun related violence since the 1990s. However, illegal firearm possession remains a problem. City wide gun buy back programs regularly remove dozens of lethal weapons from some of Brooklyn's most dangerous neighborhoods. Proposed national legislation to...

How Far is the Indian Point Nuclear Reactor from Brooklyn NY?
How far is Indian Point Nuclear Reactor from Brooklyn?

Is Brooklyn Vulnerable to an Earthquake at Indian Point Nuclear Reactor Upstate?
Is Brooklyn Vulnerable to an Earthquake at Indian Point Nuclear Reactor in Upstate NY?In the aftermath of the immense 2011 tsunami and earthquake in Japan, politicians and pundits began to re-examine the question of whether the greater New York area could suffer an earthquake, and what impact it might have on a 40-year old nuclear reactor in...

Stressed by 9-11 Anniversary,Brooklyn NY?Cope with PTSD!Get Free DoD Mobile App
Regarding September 11 in Brooklyn NY: The US Dept. of Defense has launched a new consumer mobile phone app to help people deal with post traumatic stress disorder by breathing. Developed by the National Center for Telehealth and Technology, it was released in June and July 2011, just in time for New York, and Brooklyn in particular, to figure...

About September 11th Anniversary: PTSD? Anxious & Stressed? Here's 1 Way to Cope
Regarding September 11 in Brooklyn New York: The US Dept. of Defense is offering consumers a mobile phone app to help people deal with post traumatic stress disorder by breathing. Developed by the National Center for Telehealth and Technology, it was released in June and July 2011, just in time for New York, and Brooklyn, to cope with painful...

Free Coupons for Fresh Food with EBT at 23 Brooklyn Farmers ...
A new city wide program enables people using food stamps to obtain $2 Health Bucks certificates for every $5 spent with EBT at participating farmers markets from July 1 to November 15 for purchase of fresh fruit and vegetables. This boosts their food budget by forty percent. Twenty three Brooklyn farmers markets participate, but not every single...

10 Tips for Managing Halloween Candy — Ideas for Parents of ...
Halloween can be tough for kids and families of diabetics — and in Brooklyn and nationwide, there's been a huge increase in diabetes and obesity among youngsters. You can't avoid Halloween candy. It's everywhere — in the stores, at school, at friends' homes, in after school venues. And on Halloween day, it's everywhere. So, what to do?

How Many Calories Can You Burn Walking Across the Brooklyn Bridge?
For dieters, every calorie counts. And who isn't watching their weight these days? A walk across the Brooklyn Bridge seems like it's good exercise, right? Enough to merit a meal of pizza at a DUMBO pizzeria or a croissant at Almondine? Find out how many calories it will burn.

City Streets, Pothole Hell: 6 Ways to Avoid the Pothole Damage Blues
6 Things to Know to Avoid Getting in Trouble from a Winter Pothole. Every winter, New York City roads end up with potholes of various sizes. Like droughts and blizzards, potholes seem to be a fact of life that we just have to learn to live with. And, potholes are dangerous--to pedestrians, to people pushing strollers, to your car tires, and to cyclists riding on city streets.

Diet with Your Brain: 8 Common Self-Deceptions Keep Us Fat & Happy
Trying to lose that last five, ten or fifteen pounds? Here's a funny way to look at it: check your self-deceptions at the door. Straight from the foodie capital of the world, Brooklyn New York, here are 8 things about your mindset that might be holding you back from losing weight. Plus, here are pictures of pizza and cheesecake to die for--better to look at than ingest!

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