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Preparing for a Storm or Hurricane in Brooklyn: What You Should Know


Find out what you and your family need to know about prepping for a storm or hurricane in Brooklyn, NY. Learn about important precautions, where Brooklyn evacuation centers are located, what to do if you're driving through a flood, and what to do after a storm if you've sustained water or property damage. Anything can happen.

1. 20 Expert Tips to Save Time & Hassle: Getting Around NYC in a Snowstorm

ere are some practical recommendations offered by the City of New York (including some that you'd have to be a Martian not to know already) along with some zesty tips added for urban dwellers caught in sleet, snow storms, or icy weather conditions. Or course, you can always just skip the whole mess and head to the Caribbean or Mexico.


2. How Long Does Food Last in a Freezer or Fridge During a Power Outage?

Power outages can knock out your best planning for getting through a storm or natural disaster. Find out how long food will last in your fridge or freezer.

3. 21 Ways to Get Ready for a Hurricane Or Big, Bad Storm Headed Toward You

If you take care of all 21 things on this list, and don't venture outdoors during the hurricane, then you'll increase your chances of emerging safe and sound.

4. 7 Pros and Cons of Sending Kids to School During a Snow Storm

 Here's the question: When should the City close the public schools when a big snow storm is predicted to hit New York?  

5. 9 Smart Things to Do in a Power Outage

So your power's out! Yikes! Now what? Get nine tips on what to do in a power outage, beyond just finding a few old candles or flashlight.

6. 5 Things to Do If You're in a Flood Zone in New York City

If you happen to be in a flood zone in Brooklyn during a weather emergency, chances are you'll have some advance warning. Find out the five steps you should take in a flood zone.

7. 8 DOs and DON'ts for Drivers During Storms, Floods, Hurricanes & Heavy Rains

Your instincts might not be the best guide to handling driving through a flooded area. You go for it, right? Wrong! Get tips on how to avoid having a car accident when the roads are flooding.

8. More Hurricane Preparedness Info: Evacuation Zones in Brooklyn, "Go" Bags

In the day or two before a hurricane seems likely to strike, as Hurricane Irene does, there's suddenly so much to think about! Find out:

  • if you're in an evacuation zone
  • what to pack in your "go" bag
  • what to do if you are in a flood zone
  • how to handle high winds.

9. 6 Things to Do After a Storm or Hurricane to Prepare an Insurance Claim

Just in case your apartment does sustain wind or water damage, it's important to know what to do now to file an effective insurance claim later.

11. Ready or Not? A Hurricane Preparedness Quiz for New Yorkers

Fun but serious: Take this hurricane preparedness quiz, and rate yourself on whether you are ready for Hurricane Irene.

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