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Doing a Home Swap or Home Exchange in Brooklyn, New York

A Cheap, Fun Way to Leverage Your Home to Travel Without Paying for Hotels


So you want to do a home exchange, and swap your home in Brooklyn — an apartment, a condo, a whole house — for a home in Berlin, or London, or San Francisco? Find out more about home swaps in Brooklyn.

1. What's a Home Exchange or Home Swap?

Think home away from home. You have a place to stay, and want to travel to another location --and you've got a mirror image situation in that location. So, two people in different locations whether in the continental US or abroad, simply swap.

You have to check people's credit and their histories. You must make sure you clarify what can and can't be used, for instance, your propane gas grill on the deck, fancy bike, or your car.

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For two-way home exchanges, see Home Exchange, which bills itself as the worlds largest home exchange, with over 40,000 listings in over 100 nations.

To simply live in a room or in a home for a short period, without swapping your own place, check out the wildly popular Airbnb, (which also does direct swaps).

2. For Brooklyn Residents, House Swaps Viable Way to Travel

Here's good news for Brooklyn residents: as Brooklyn's reputational star has risen, the borough has become a place people want to visit and explore. There's been a boom in hotels, of course. And with this growth in Brooklyn tourism, there's more demand for home swaps in Brooklyn. So, don't underestimate the potential value of your condo or apartment as a swappable item if you're thinking about taking a vacation in Paris, Rome or London.

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3. For Those Visiting Brooklyn: Where to Swap a Home in Brooklyn

Brooklyn's a big place, with over 2.5 million residents, and the housing stock varies from neighborhood to neighborhood. In Brooklyn you will find free-standing homes in such neighborhoods as Prospect Park South, and condos in hip locations such as Williamsburg. There are brownstones in Carroll Gardens, Bedford Stuyvesant, Brooklyn Heights, Fort Greene and Park Slope, as well as Sunset Park. If you want to be near the Brooklyn Bridge, think DUMBO or Brooklyn Heights. If you want to be near BAM, think Fort Greene. So check the photos on line and information carefully, not only of the indoor space in the apartment, but also inquire about such things as:
  • proximity to shops, cafes and restaurants
  • nearest subways and buses
  • closest park, playground, or cultural institutions you might wish to visit
  • can you walk there from the Brooklyn Bridge
  • the nearest good bagel shop, ethnic food store, or other New York feature
  • parking, if you plan on renting a car

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