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When is Presidents Day? The Perfect Long Weekend, a 3-Day NY Winter Holiday

2014,2015 Calendar & February Public School Calendar in Brooklyn


The annual three-day weekend in February known as Presidents Day is a great time for a quick winter getaway to and from New York, and Brooklyn.

Brooklyn residents might want to just get away to Manhattan for a weekend of museum going or shopping, or enjoy a quick trip somewhere south to catch a few rays of warm sun. Parents of college bound kids might be visiting colleges this weekend. And, of course, tourists by the tens of thousands pour into New York City, including Brooklyn, on this holiday.

So, first things first, when is the three-day Presidents Day weekend?

Holiday Weekend: Presidents Day Dates through 2015

Because federal holidays are observed on Mondays, President's "Day" actually becomes a three-day weekend, every year.

In 2014 President's Day is observed on Monday, February 17. Three-day weekend starting Saturday runs February 15-17.

2014: Monday, February 17. Three-day weekend starting Saturday runs February 15-17
2015: Monday, February 16. Three-day weekend starting Saturday runs February 14-16

Presidents Day Calendar for School Kids

Usually, Brooklyn public school students enjoy a ten-day vacation, if one includes includes the Presidents Day Weekend. (See NYC Public School February holiday calendar.)

What's Open, What's Closed on President's Day?

President's Day is a federal holiday and so federal offices and post offices are closed. (Find out about federal holidays.)

What Happens on Presidents Day?

There are no parades or major public events in Brooklyn, though the event is marked by programs at some museums and public libraries (though Brooklyn libraries, too, are closed on Monday for the holiday).

Typically, major national chain stores have big Presidents Day weekend sales, mostly at malls. (Find out more about shopping at Brooklyn malls.)

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