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Vote Today for Brooklyn!9 Historic Preservation Sites Contend for Huge Grants

2012 Partners in Preservation Offers $3 Million Grants,Online Popularity Contest


In 2012, Partners in Preservation, a project of American Express in partnership with the National Trust for Historic Preservation, identified 40 historic places in New York City as candidates for $3 million in grants. Of the contending sites, nine are in Brooklyn.

And, residents and fans of Brooklyn can help secure some of these funds for Brooklyn by logging on daily to vote for one of their favorite projects.


  • Brooklyn Public Library - Central Library Replacement of main entry doors with historically sensitive materials.
  • Greenpoint Manufacturing and Design Center Rebuilding the bulkhead for community use of the facility.
  • Weeksville Addition of shed and root cellar for expanded site interpretation.
  • Coney Island B& B Carousel: Safe transport and assembly from the restoration in Ohio back to New York.
  • Congregation Beth Elohim (CBE)- Comprehensive repair/restoration of the roof, parapets, dome, and stained glass
  • Gateway National Recreation Area - C47 Skytrain WWII Transport Remove corrosion, metalwork, re-skin degraded flight surfaces and prepare for historic paint scheme.
  • Tug Pegasus & Waterfront Museum Barge Replacement of aging materials and damaged hatches
  • Erasmus Hall Campus - Stained Glass Windows: Restoration of 4 stained glass artworks.
  • Brown Memorial Baptist Church Complete restoration of most at-risk Tiffany stained glass.

Who Decides How Much?

According to the projects website, the most popular four projects city wide will get their full grant request.

The rest of the $3 million will be decided by "American Express, the National Trust for Historic Preservation and a special advisory committee made up of local civic, business and preservation leaders," who will review the public’s votes along with each site’s needs, according to the website. It adds, "Grants will be calculated according to the financial support required to fulfill preservation and restoration projects at the chosen sites."

How the Voting Works

People are invited to vote up to once a day until the contest is over. Voting ends on May 21, 2012.

Vote on Facebook or via computers and mobile devices at www.partnersinpreservation.com. To vote by smartphone, tablet or other mobile device, they recommend using the mobile web app at http://partnersinpreservation.com/mobile.

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