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How Do I Get Reimbursed from the Dept of Ed During the Yellow SchoolBus Strike?

Get Organized or You Won't Get Your Out-of-Pocket Costs Paid Back.


If you are a parent of a Brooklyn public school student who impacted by the yellow school bus strike, and you are eligible for reimbursement, here are some tips for getting some transportation money back from the city.

But first, is it worth the hassle of the paperwork? Sure. Nobody knows how long the bus strike will go on. After a few weeks your costs could begin to add up.

So, get organized. The bottom line is, you must save your original receipts, know exactly the day and amount for which you are seeking reimbursement, and file your claims in a timely manner.

Where to Get the DOE Transportation Reimbursement Forms

  • Reimbursement forms here. Print out a few copies.
  • Keep a photo copy of your receipts and the claim form, in case you need to appeal a rejection, or in the event that paperwork is lost.
  • Strike-related information from the Department of Education is available in multiple languages, which is useful to many Brooklyn parents: Arabic,Bengali,Chinese, French, Haitian-Creole, Korean, Russian, Spanish and Urdu.

See 5 Tips on the DOE Contingency Plans for the School Bus Strike.

Are You Eligible for Reimbursement?

Not all parents of elementary school students are eligible for reimbursement for transportation costs. Parent reimbursement is available only for:
  • IEP students who receive busing from their home or
  • students in grades K-6 receiving yellow bus service from a school bus stop to school where public transportation is not readily available.

For Drivers: Getting Reimbursement

Eligible parents who drive their child to school will be reimbursed $0.55 cents per mile, according to the Department of Education. So don't forget to check the mileage! When filling out the form, you must fill in the mileage you have driven both for the morning and the afternoon. If you are driving the exact same distance both ways, every day for a week, this could get monotonous. However, the DOE is nothing if not a huge bureaucracy.

If You Take Car Service or Cabs: Getting Reimbursement

Parents who use a taxi or car service will be reimbursed, but you must attach original receipts. In filling out the form, you must add the mileage, both for the morning and afternoon on a given school day. This is the case even if it's the same distance each way.

What to Do with the Forms

Do not drop your reimbursement forms off at your child's school. The only financial transaction pertaining to the bus strike that occurs in the school is Metrocard pick up for the duration of the strike. Parents cannot be reimbursed directly from any school personnel.

If you want reimbursement you are responsible for sending the forms and original receipts by mail to:
Office of Pupil Transportation Reimbursement Unit
44-36 Vernon Boulevard, Long Island City, NY 11101
Telephone: (718) 707-4500

Don't leave anything to chance: keep copies of the receipts and whatever forms you submit.

More Info

  • Updates
  • For information: (718) 707-4500.
Any extra costs — for instance, if you get a traffic or parking ticket, incur parking garage costs, or must get a huge bottle of aspirin to deal with the headache caused by all of the above — are not covered as part of the DOE reimbursement plan.

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