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Finding an apartment in New York is tough; finding an apartment in Brooklyn means knowing what neighborhood to look in, and what Brooklyn apartments rent for. This guide offers tips on renting in Brooklyn, on Brooklyn real estate, and what to expect when hunting for apartments, condos, and even houses in Brooklyn NY. Learn what areas in Bklyn attract college grads, young professionals, and families, the economics of renting versus owning, and where to look.
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For Tax Returns, What "County" and "City" Should Brooklyn Residents Use?
When Filing Income Tax Returns, What "County" and "City" Should Brooklyn Residents Use?

Greenpoint Apartment Rentals
Apartment searching in New York is one of the most stressful parts about trying to make a home here. Prices are sky-high in the city and in Brooklyn. The neighborhood of Greenpoint, once a mostly Polish enclave, has been invaded by people priced out of the Williamsburg area. Whether you're in the market for a brand-new building or a recently...

10 Tips on Renting an Apartment in Brooklyn
Tips on renting an apartment in Brooklyn.

Looking for an Apartment or Home in New York City—Try Brooklyn
9 Reasons to Live in Brooklyn

Northside Piers Condominiums
More information on the condominiums for sale at Northside Piers in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

When is the Best Time to Look for an Apartment in Brooklyn?
When is the Best Time to Look for an Apartment in Brooklyn?

3 Brooklyn Real Estate Myths about "Good Zip Codes"
What can a Brooklyn zip code reveal — or not? There are some common misconceptions about the information that a zip code can provide. Here's what you can and cannot learn about a Brooklyn zip code.

Which Subway Stations Are Nearest the North Slope in Park Slope, Brooklyn?
How do you get to the "North Slope?" Many apartment listings give addresses that specify the "North Slope" in Brooklyn. What subway stations are closest to this Brooklyn neighborhood, which is actually just part of greater Park Slope?

Which Subway Should You Take to Get to 5th Avenue or 7th Avenue in Park Slope?
Looking for an apartment to rent or buy in popular Park Slope? Transportation's key. The Brooklyn neighborhood of Park Slope is served by numerous trains and seven different stations. And, as the neighborhood stretches over a mile from north to south, you might wish to catch the train that's most convenient to your destination. Whether you're...

How Do You Get to Park Slope Brooklyn By Subway? Which Trains Go Where?
Park Slope is growing in both size and popularity. With hundreds of restaurants and shops, interesting entertainment venues and an appealing school district, it's a Brooklyn neighborhood that's worth a visit. But Park Slope is served by seven different subway stations. What's the best way to get to where you're going, by subway, in Park Slope?

The Residences - Apartment and Hotel in Williamsburg
The Residences, a new real-estate venture opening in March 2011, brings new apartments and a swanky hotel to Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

Six Things to Do After a Storm or Hurricane to Prepare an Insurance Claim
So much emphasis is placed on preventing hurricane damage that often people thinking in the aftermath of a powerful storm about what and how to prepare an insurance claim. Here are six things to do after a storm or hurricane hits, to make sure any damage you've suffered is documented for an insurance claim

Where is Brooklyn Bridge Park, in DUMBO or the Heights? A Realtors Dream Game
What's in a name? Is Brooklyn Bridge Park in DUMBO? Or Brooklyn Heights? And who cares? (Clue:It's a real estate issue.)

How Safe is Brooklyn, New York? Neighborhood Crime Statistics
How to find out about crime statistics in a given Brooklyn area: an interactive online tool organized by Brooklyn Community Board.

Finding an Apartment in Brooklyn: Tips on Mapping Your Search for a Home
Getting organized about an apartment search can reduce what's often an expensive, stressful and time-consuming experience. Of course, many Brooklyn-born college grads simply move back home with their parents after graduation, and lots of people simply follow in their friends' footsteps. But even those who make a bee-line to where their friends...

8 Things to Consider When Looking for An Apartment in Brooklyn
Not sure where to live? Here are eight things to think about when choosing a Brooklyn neighborhood.

Complete Guide to Finding a Rental Apartment in Brooklyn
Looking for an apartment in Brooklyn? Find out how to look, where to check out crime statistics and quality of life information, how best to approach the apartment hunt, and useful things like your rights as a tenant.

What Percent of Brooklyn Residents Own versus Rent Their Homes?
How many people in the NYC borough of Brooklyn own homes, and how many rent?

Renovating a Home in Brooklyn? Set Your Building Dept Plan Examiner Appointment
Find out how to make an appointment with the Plan Examiner of the NYC Department of Buildings. You'll need it if you plan on renovating in Brooklyn.

Brooklyn Real Estate Tip: When Apartment & House Hunting, Check Your Flood Zone
After Hurricane Sandy in 2012, more insurers and banks are looking closely at what flood zone a property is in. And even if you are a renter, you don't want to get stuck with your expensive bike flooded in the basement or your car drowned by a global warming induced superstorm.

Moving to Brooklyn? 3 Safety Tips for the Paranoid, Neurotic & Anxious
Will your new Brooklyn apartment flood in a storm? Is it safe? Things to think about before moving in.

Brooklyn's Collectives: Living, Working, Shopping, Creative Communities
Creative communities. Collectives! Something's afoot in Brooklyn, a positively volatile mix of high rents and high ambitions, fueled by an explosion of talent. It's not Bloomsbury (or the Chelsea Hotel) yet. But the borough's popping with collectivist experiments. Find out about 8 different contemporary collectives in Brooklyn, from coop galleries for showing art, to residential collectives where musicians and others work,live and market their work together, to child care and food coops, with a nod to a few amazing historical snapshots of Brooklyn's past experiments in cooperative initiatives.

Iconically Hip, 1000 Dean Street May Transform Crown Heights
1000 Dean is office space with a beer hall in Crown Heights. It's a cross-section of talent & entrepreneurship that some call Brooklyn's "new economy."

Brooklyn Real Estate: Are Foreign Investors Inflating Housing Prices?
Why is it so hard to buy a home in Brooklyn?See what's happening to prices, & how properties have been snapped up by big investors who don't live here.

Mortgage ABCs for First Time Owners Buying a Home in Brooklyn
Looking to buy a home in Brooklyn? Given the price escalation, it pays to know as much as you can about mortgages. Here's one tip...

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