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Complete Guide to Finding a Rental Apartment in Brooklyn


Learn about the best time to look for real estate in Brooklyn, things to think about when choosing a Brooklyn neighborhood to live in, get tips on finding the right apartment in Brooklyn, and information on dealing with landlords and tenants rights issues. Also, find out where to get data on crime statistics and quality of life issues in Brooklyn neighborhoods.

1. TIMING: When is the Best Time to Look for Real Estate in Brooklyn?

Timing is everything, in love, sports and also in real estate. When's the best season to apartment hunt in Brooklyn? Find out here.

2. NEIGHBORHOODS: 8 Factors to Consider When Choosing a Brooklyn Neighborhood

Brooklyn has dozens, literally dozens of neighborhoods — over sixty.

They're all different, and it's impossible to actually know them all. (Remember the saying, "Only the dead know Brooklyn"?) Here are eight things to consider when deciding what neighborhood you'll settle in, whether that's for a one-year lease or lifetime.

3. APARTMENTS: 12 Suggestions: How to Find The Right Apartment in Brooklyn

OK, so now you've decided more or less where you want to live in Brooklyn. How are you going to find that dream apartment? Get some tips.

4. COST: How Much Does it Cost To Rent in These 12 Popular Neighborhoods?

We did some research into the average cost of a two bedroom apartment in a dozen different popular neighborhoods. You might be surprised at what we discovered. Also, find out about the "price per square foot" as a way of comparing apartments.

5. WHY BROOKLYN? 9 Reasons to Move to (or Stay in) Brooklyn

Not sure you want to move to Brooklyn? Here's why you should.

6. QUALITY OF LIFE: Data on Brooklyn Neighborhoods

It's those small things that count: whether the street and local parks are cleaned up, and if there's a lot of noise that keeps people in the neighborhood up all night. Find out where to learn about quality of life issues in Brooklyn neighborhoods. Some parts of Brooklyn are more liveable than others. Quality of life info on your neighborhood.

7. CRIME & SAFETY: Brooklyn Crime Statistics

Crime's low in New York City. Here's where to go to learn what kinds of crimes, from rape to purse-snatching, have been committed in different community board districts in Brooklyn, and whether the trend lines are up or down. Is Brooklyn safe? Generally,yes. Do you need to be street smart? Always. Get the data.

8. APARTMENT-HUNTING STRATEGY:One Simple Time-Saving Tip for Busy Apartment Hunters

Rent in New York is just plain expensive. Great, cheap rental apartments are almost a pipe dream. So get organized for an apartment hunt; it's only your life and your money that are at stake! Here's one simple way to narrow your apartment search and keep track of your own evolving ideas about where you want to live in Brooklyn.

9. LANDLORDS: 10 Tips for Dealing with Landlords, Tenants Rights

New York City landlords are not, generally speaking, patsies. So you have to know what your rights are, what to expect, and how to deal. Find out what your rights are as a tenant, and other essential information for renters, here.

10. BROKERS: 7 Questions About Brooklyn Real Estate Brokers

Most apartment-hunters and wanna-be Brooklyn homeowners look only at the listings. But, it might make sense to make sure you're dealing with a reputable realtor, too. Read this Q&A with the Real Estate Board of New York. If anybody knows the real estate market in Brooklyn, they do.

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