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Brooklyn Trivia

Brooklyn Trivia

Travel Abroad to Brooklyn—Where Brookynites Can Travel Without Leaving ...
Brooklyn NY is not the only Brooklyn in the world. You can leave Brooklyn, travel abroad, and arrive in...Brooklyn. Here's where you can travel without ever leaving home. A tongue-in-cheek description of four other Brooklyns abroad.

Brooklyn Trivia Quiz
Think you know Brooklyn? Test your borough smarts with this quiz.

Things Invented in Brooklyn
From Sweet & Low to teddy bears, Brooklyn has been home to all sorts of amazing inventions over the years.

Gowanus Canal—Truth or Fiction that "Bodies Were Dumped Here?"
Today, Gowanus, the neighborhood, is one of Brooklyn's hip, up-and-coming neighborhoods. But it wasn't always that way.

How Many Places Are Named Brooklyn in the United States?
How Many Places are Named Brooklyn in the US?

What is the Zip Code for the Brooklyn Bridge?
A piece of Brooklyn trivia: What is the Zip Code for the Brooklyn Bridge?

Does Brooklyn Today Still Have Italian Neighborhoods?
Does Brooklyn Today Still Have Italian Neighborhoods?

Is Brooklyn Being Shortchanged in the 2010 Census?
Why Do NYC Officials Think Brooklyn's Population is Bigger than the 2010 Census Does?

What is the Population of Brooklyn, NY? How Many People Live in Brooklyn?
What is the Population of Brooklyn, NY? How Many People Live in Brooklyn?

Which Brooklyn Neighborhoods Were Possibly Under Counted by 2010 US Census?
Which Brooklyn neighborhoods might have been undercounted by the 2010 census?

What 3 Brooklyn Demographic Trends Did the 2010 Census Miss or Undercount?
How many people live in New York City? Nobody knows for sure. There are many causes for the dispute over whether the 2010 census underestimated the city's growth since 2000. But if it's true that there was an under count, it appears that three important Brooklyn demographic trends were overlooked.

Is there a Bike Lane Across the Verrazano Bridge, Brooklyn to Staten Island?
There are miles of bike lanes in Brooklyn, and it's fun to go across the Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridges. Can you bike across the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge from Brooklyn to Staten Island?

George Polk Award for Journalism—What Do They Have to with Brooklyn & LIU?
The nationally recognized George Polk Awards are administered by Long Island University. What is the connection between George Polk, the George Polk Awards for Journalism, and Brooklyn?

Is Brooklyn a Popular Baby Name for Girls or boys?
Is Brooklyn a Popular Baby Name?

Is Brooklyn's Atlantic Mall-Atlantic Terminal Mall Near the Atlantic Ocean?
Is the Atlantic Mall or Atlantic Terminal Mall Near the Atlantic Ocean? A short discourse on the relationship between shopping and the ocean.

What and Where is Brooklyn's Celebrity Path?
What and Where is Brooklyn's Celebrity Path? What celebs were born or raised in Brooklyn? Find out which famous people are honored in the Brooklyn Botanic Garden Celebrity Path.

Popular Baby Names in Brooklyn and New York City
Ten Most Popular Baby Names in Brooklyn and New York City

Where Can You Find a NY Pretzel in Brooklyn?
There's nothing more New York than a New York pretzel slathered with mustard or ketchup. Well, OK, a New York hotdog and a pastrami sandwich might rival the pretzel. There are pretzel stands on every street corner in midtown Manhattan. But yo! Where can you find a NY pretzel in Brooklyn?

How Many People Cross the Brooklyn Bridge Per Day?
The Brooklyn Bridge is one of the most popular of America's bridges. And, it's well used. How many people cross the Brooklyn Bridge every day?

Who's from Brooklyn in the NY Fire Department 2012 "Calendar of Heroes?"
On the 10th anniversary of the 911 WTC attacks, the NYFD re-issued its popular fireman's calendar featuring twelve handsome firemen from New York City. It is called the NY Fire Department 2012 "Calendar of Heros"

How Many People Walk the Brooklyn Bridge Every Day? How Many Bikes & Cars?
How many people walk across the Brooklyn Bridge every day? How many people drive across it? Or bike across it? The Brooklyn Bridge is one of NYC's most popular tourist attractions, and one of the most famous bridges in the United States. It also happens to be a very practical, frequently used way to get from Brooklyn to Manhattan and back, by...

The Brooklyn Brand: Who in Brooklyn Uses Brooklyn to Brand Services,Goods?
The Brooklyn Brand: Who is Using Brooklyn to Brand their Products, Services, Goods?

The Story of Brooklyn Chewing Gum: Italy's First Gum, Named for Brooklyn Bridge
All About Brooklyn Chewing Gum, Milan-Made and Born in the '50's, Was Italy's First Chewing Gum Brooklyn Chewing Gum, A Retro Brand, Was Italy's First Chewing Gum

Which Brooklyn Zip Codes Have Most in NY State's $11 Billion Unclaimed Funds?
Brooklyn has a share of the $11 billion in New York State unclaimed assets. But who owns them? Judging by the distribution of funds by zip codes, Brooklyn's wealthier neighborhoods are where one will find the largest dollar amounts of abandoned funds being held by New York State's Unclaimed Funds department. Still, you might be surprised to...

True or False? Brooklyn is the 4th Largest City in US, in Terms of Population?
An essential bit of Brooklyn trivia: For years, local pols have boasted that Brooklyn would be the 4th largest city in the United States, if it were an independent city. Is this still true?

Where's the Longest Leg of the NY Marathon? So, Call It the Brooklyn Marathon!
A matter of Brooklyn chauvinism: Shouldn't a race that's mostly run in Brooklyn be called "Brooklyn," as in "Brooklyn Marathon? Huh?

Did Martin Luther King Jr. Ever Make an Official Visit to Brooklyn New York?
Many famous individuals have lived in, visited or were born in Brooklyn. Did Dr. Martin Luther King ever make an official visit to Brooklyn NY?

Facts & Trivia About Brooklyn's Barclays Center:Jay-Z, Nets, & A Russian Tycoon
Get Barclays Center trivia here: How big is it? Who are the owners, and when did the Nets become the Brooklyn Nets? How big is Barclays Center? What is the rust outside supposed to be?

Where, Oh, Where Can You Find a Crypt in Brooklyn?
If someone asked you were there was a crypt in Brooklyn, what would you say?

Nathan's Famous Hot Dogs Turn 100! 7 Brooklyn Trivia Questions
Nathan's Hot Dogs turn 100 in 2016. How do you celebrate the anniversary of a hot dog? Well, you have a trivia test, of course!

Leap Year in New York: Celebrating February 29 2016
Celebrating leap year in Brooklyn? When is the next leap year?

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