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All About Zip Codes in Brooklyn NY

Reading Between the Zips


With over two and a half million people, Brooklyn NY would be one of the nation's largest cities were it an independent entity.

Millions of physical pieces of mail are sent and delivered annually in Brooklyn. To make sure the mail reaches its destination, it's essential to route it to the appropriate location. How? By using a good old-fashioned Brooklyn zip code.

Here's a quick guide to finding the right zip code in Brooklyn.

1. Brooklyn Zip Code Directory — What is the Zip Code for That Neighborhood?

Not every Brooklyn neighborhood has its own zip code. And not every zip code "belongs" to just one neighborhood.

To find the zip code for a given Brooklyn neighborhood, look it up here: What's the Zip Code of a Specific Neighborhood in Brooklyn?

Note: Some Brooklyn neighborhoods have only one zip code. Other swaths of Brooklyn, for instance Flatbush or Bedford-Stuyvesant, sport three or even four zip codes.What Neighborhoods are in Brooklyn, Anyway?

2. Brooklyn Reverse Zip Code Directory - Look Up a Zip Code by Number

Where's 11218? Or 11210? Find out what zip codes refer to which neighborhoods in Brooklyn, using the reverse zip code directory. Check the Brooklyn Reverse Zip Code Directory.

3. How Can You Find a Brooklyn Zip Code if You Don't Know the Neighborhood?

OK, so you want to find the zip code for an address, but you don't have a clue as to what neighborhood it's in? Not to worry! Go to the US Post Office web site where you can search by address.

4. Is it Better to Use the Zip Code with "Brooklyn, NY", or "New York, NY?"

Brooklyn is part of New York City. Where do you put the zip code, after "Brookyn, NY?" Or after "NYC, NY?" Good question. Find the answer at "Brooklyn, NY" vs"New York, NY?"

5. What Can a Brooklyn Zip Code Reveal About a Community?

Graphic courtesy of http://www.11211.info.

Does a Brooklyn neighborhood's zip code have anything to do with the school or voting district? And does the zip code indicate whether a neighborhood is wealthy or low-income?

What Can a Brooklyn Zip Code Tell You About Public Schools and Community?

6. Is there a Zip Code for the Brooklyn Bridge?

Photo by E. Freudenheim
The Brooklyn Bridge has won hearts and minds. You can buy posters and t-shirts, mugs and URLs with the word "Brooklyn Bridge" on it. But does the Brooklyn Bridge have its own zip code?

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