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Where to Eat Near the Brooklyn Bridge? Food at Brooklyn Bridge Park, Near DUMBO

Brooklyn Bridge Park — Best Park Food in Brooklyn! A New Option for DUMBO Diners


Ah! Finally a Brooklyn park with great food selections!

Visitors to Brooklyn's newest park jewel, Brooklyn Bridge Park, located near DUMBO and Brooklyn Heights, can feast classic hot dogs, melted cheese sandwiches, milkshakes, organic ice cream, and Italian ices, not to mention beer and wine, Mexican style carne asado and, yes, even carrot sticks.

It's the perfect foodie destination for people biking across the Brooklyn Bridge or cycling around Brooklyn who want a quick snack without stopping.

(Also, learn about the East River Ferry, which stops at Brooklyn Bridge Park.)

Brooklyn Bridge Park: Gastronomically Speaking, the Best Park in Brooklyn.

Brooklyn Bridge Park boasts a growing number of warm-weather seasonal concessions, clustered in a little plaza area with umbrella tables and chairs. It's not fancy — but it is dining alfresco. For hungry visitors who prefer to grab a bite and wander through the park than be stuck in a sit-down restaurant in DUMBO or Brooklyn Heights, the concessions in Brooklyn Bridge Park offer a good alternative.

Beer and wine are served as well.

Most concessions in this moveable feast operate from Memorial Day to Labor Day, from about 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. Some are open only on weekends.

What Kinds of Food are for Sale in Brooklyn Bridge Park?

The following list is likely to grow longer as new sections of this long-planned, lengthy park open up to visitors. The following gives the general idea of the kind of food experience you will find at Brooklyn Bridge Park.
  • Wolf down a Brooklyn version of the classic New York hot dog and alternative, the not-so-classic New York veggie dog, as well as various burgers and beverages, dispensed by Bark, formerly a Park Slope foodie favorite; open weekends.
  • Toast to the good life with some vino from the elegant Brooklyn Bridge Wine Bar.
  • Put some meat on your bones with San Francisco style carne asado and other delights prepared by Calexico Carne Asada , a popular local Mexican food vendor.
  • Keep your diet intact with healthful wraps, salads, yogurt, bagels and the like, from Ditch Plains Drop-In.
Also, parked just outside Brooklyn Bridge Park, you'll find two great ice cream food trucks
  • Blue Marble Ice Cream selling delish organic ice cream
  • Uncle Louie G's Italian Ices, a Brooklyn favorite.
And if they are too busy, there's always the hugely popular Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory nearby! Looking to buy a beer after a walk over the Brooklyn Bridge in the summer? Need a snack while you're biking around Brooklyn? Want to have a quick and informal outdoor lunch in DUMBO without waiting on line forever? Check out the seasonal concessions in Brooklyn Bridge Park.

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