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DUMBO Visitors Guide

Where to Go and What to Do in DUMBO, In Brooklyn Under the Brooklyn Bridge


DUMBO, a tiny neighborhood with spectacular views of Manhattan and New York's beautiful bridges, including the Brooklyn Bridge, is the first neighborhood in Brooklyn you'll find after walking the Brooklyn Bridge.It's a combination of old warehouses, interesting shops and restaurants, and pricey high rise apartments. You can find art galleries and occasionally big neighborhood art shows here. And, DUMBO is home to the famous pizzeria Grimaldi's, as well as Jacques Torres chocolate shop, St. Ann's Warehouse (which hosts edgy theatrical performances) and numerous other arty venues.

Most of all, in DUMBO you get a spectacular view of Manhattan's skyline, NY Harbor and the Statue of Liberty.

1. In a Nutshell: Things to Do in DUMBO, for Visitors, Friends, Tourists & YOU!

USA, New York City, Brooklyn Bridge and Manhattan skyline
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  1. Go to one of the many cultural events, have a picnic, go kayaking, biking and take the kids to the playgrounds with world class views at amazing Brooklyn Bridge Park
  2. Take photos, enjoy the view from Fulton Landing
  3. Eat!   Try Grimaldi's and other local pizzerias,, Superfine, ReBar,  or get a tasty taco, grilled cheese sandwich, and wine and salad at the very excellent food trucks near Brooklyn Bridge Park
  4. Take in a show at St. Ann's Warehouse or Galapagos
  5. Visit Jane's Carousel
  6. Rent a bike, take a ferry to Governors Island (summer only)


2. Eat in DUMBO

The Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory operates out of an old lighthouse in historic Fulton Landing.

    Rule One of living in Brookyn, of course, is that you won't lack for good food options! And, as every Brooklynite knows, there's great pizza everywhere, with no need to wait in lines. If you're visiting DUMBO or bringing out-of-towners to see this interesting Brooklyn neighborhood, here are some food ideas

    3. Visit Fulton Landing: See Brooklyn's River Cafe, Grimaldi's Pizza & Bargemusic

    The River Cafe in Brooklyn's DUMBO: a classy favorite for weddings and special events.

    Conveniently located at the foot of Fulton Street is a famous small landing that juts out onto the water. On one side is the highly rated River Cafe, an expensive restaurant that's a favorite for weddings and special events. (Reopening autumn 2013)

    Here you can also try the excellent Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory, set in a picturesque old light house. And, there's an equally charming old barge that's been renovated into New York City's only floating concert hall, called BargeMusic. (Note: The barge did not sustain huge damage in the hurricane.)

    Fulton Landing has great historical significance. It was the site of the original ferry, designed by Robert Fulton, that ran between Manhattan and Brooklyn starting in 1642.

    Find out more about Fulton Landing.

    4. Calendarize This: Special Annual Events in DUMBO

    View of Manhattan from Brooklyn Bridge Park, the site of free films and concerts.

    5. Take Photos: Views of Manhattan from DUMBO

    DUMBO views are a Brooklynite's dream:the bridges,Wall St., NY Harbor, and Statue of Liberty.

    Many people come to DUMBO just to take photographs, for a wedding picture, anniversary or special occasion. What better photo than framed against the New York City skyline?

    6. Take a Walk, a Photo, or a Nap in Brooklyn Bridge Park

    Brooklyn Bridge Park, next to DUMBO, has special events from free summer concerts to chess.

    Near the Fulton Landing (to the left, as you gaze at the Manhattan skyline) is a fabulous place, Brooklyn Bridge Park. Allow yourself at least a half hour to wander around the pathways and gaze at the world-class views of the Statue of Liberty. Take a picnic, read a book here, and enjoy the open vistas and fresh breezes as you watch the water traffic plying the East River. Across the water is Wall Street, the nation's financial engine. Before 2001, the World Trade Center's twin towers were prominent on the Wall Street skyline.

    7. Tour DUMBO's Front Street

    This tower of the Manhattan Bridge is visible on Front Street.

    The old, dark, noisy cobblestone streets in DUMBO, nestled between the Manhattan and Brooklyn Bridges, are full of interesting shops and eateries. Take a little self-guided walking tour down Front Street.

    8. Visit Jacques Torres Chocolate Shop

    Jacques Torres chocolate shop is a DUMBO highlight. Photo © Ellen Freudenheim

    Foodies and chocoholics love the chocoates here. You can see chocolate chefs at work through a glass window, stop for a treat, and buy wonderful small packets of interesting chocolates for gifts for the kids and family.

    Across the street, there's a fine French bakery, too!

    9. Go to the Movies in DUMBO

    ReRun theater, in the back of ReBar restaurant, is a fun venue showing off-beat films.
    In  the summer you have the option of watching movies under the stars in Brooklyn Bridge Park.

    10. See Theater at St. Ann's Warehouse

    Brooklyn has become famous as a creative center for all of New York City and the United States. Among the many interesting cultural organizations based in DUMBO, perhaps the most famous is St. Ann's Warehouse. This cultural powerhouse takes its name from historic St. Ann's Church, a church in a nearby neighborhood, Brooklyn Heights, where the company was founded. If you can, get tickets in advance for a performance at St. Ann's Warehouse, now housed in the heart of DUMBO. It won't disappoint. Also check listings for:

    11. Practical Tips: How To Get to DUMBO

    You can arrive at DUMBO by walking, driving, or biking over the Brooklyn Bridge. It's also easy to reach by subway , taxi or car (but parking's hard to find in this neighborhood).

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