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Being Irish in Brooklyn: Complete Guide to St. Patrick's Day in Brooklyn



Brooklyn's a great place to celebrate St. Patrick's Day. You aren't faced with huge crowds, yet there's a lot of fun things to do, from bar hopping to reading  Irish literature to kid-friendly parades.  Here are a dozen ways to mark St. Patrick's Day, whether or not you're Irish!

1. Unconventional St. Patrick's Day at Brooklyn Bowl, Bell House

Bell House St. Patrick's Day event at the Bell House, 2014
Courtesy of Bell House

OK, so you think St. Patrick's Day is as corny as corned beef and cabbage? Here are a few alternate ideas for marking the holiday in 2014:

  • Brooklyn Bowl: Featuring 4 screenings of U23D, with free bowling on St. Patrick’s Day (4 person minimum per lane, 2 hour max, first come first serve, shoe charges still apply.) 
  • Bell House: WASABASSCO’S ST PATRICK’S DAY FOR SINNERS. Doors: 7:30 pm / Show: 8:00 pm, $20 cover.

2. 3 St. Patrick's Day Parades in Brooklyn!

Skip the crush of people in Manhattan, and head to one of Brooklyn's local, picturesque parades! You'll get a mini version of the whole thing: bagpipes and kilts, lots of shamrocks and green.

3. Rent a Kilt

Men in Kilts for St. Pats Day
Photo courtesy of Rent a Kilt

What's a holiday without the outfit? Head to Rent-a-Kilt in Bay Ridge at 9018 4th Avenue, to rent a full men's kilt outfit for St. Patrick's (or any other holiday).

4. Explore Brooklyn's Irish Heritage


Certain Brooklyn neighborhoods retain an element of the once-sizable population of Irish immigrants who settled in the borough, and helped build both Brooklyn and New York City.

5. Go to an Irish Pub

Wicked Monk Pub
Photo courtesy of Wicked Monk
Check out some of the interesting Irish pubs in Brooklyn, which range from new and cool to historic - and, well, cooler.  Learn more

6. DIY Tour of Famous Irish Men and Women in Brooklyn

Photo courtesy of Green-Wood Cemetery Website

It's hard to believe how many interesting people are buried in Brooklyn's Greenwood Cemetery: famous Irish men and women, romantics, rogues, politicians and poets.

  • There are no scheduled Irish tours in 2014, but you can easily entertain yourself with stories of the interred. Read Green-Wood's terrific write up of it's Irish "permanent residents"--and then go visit them!

7. Eat Irish Food

Yuum. Where to Eat Corned Beef and Cabbage in Brooklyn. (You might be surprised where you'll find it...)

8. Have a Party in A Pop-Up Irish Tea Room

Celebrate Irish heritage with a party in a traditional tea room setting, and a menu of such items as shepherds pie, fish and chips, bangers and mash, and Guiness stew. For sweets, choose among trifle and treacle, spotted dick pudding and Bailey's gelato. This Bay Ridge venue is one of a kind, with an Irish store in front and an Irish experience in the back room.

9. Go to a Free Family Irish Event at the Central Library

Every St. Patrick's Day, the Brooklyn Central Library marks the occasion with something special: a reading, a concert, a talk.

  • Saturday, March 15, 2014 1:00 PM : Captain Jam and FunikiJamin a  Celebration of Ireland!

10. Take the Kids to Irish Programs at the Brooklyn Children's Museum

Especially wonderful for children age 5 and under, the Brooklyn Children's Museum introduces fun, loving elements of Irish music, food and culture for a St. Patrick's Day special  program.

  • Friday March 14th, 2014. See their website for details.

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