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In Brooklyn? Where to Watch the Fleet Week Op Sail Procession of Ships

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In Brooklyn? Where to Watch the Fleet Week Op Sail Procession of Ships

View of Verrazano Narrows Bridge from Shore Parkway

 Fleet Week brings dozens of extraordinary ships to New York City. Usually some dock in Brooklyn, others head to Manhattan. Alas in 2014, no ships will dock in Brooklyn. But take heart!

Wednesday May 21st 2014 is the day the ships will sail in. It's widely covered by the media, entails an amazing parade of ships sailing one by one into New York Harbor. And, all things considered, Brooklyn's not a bad place from which to view this annual event.

To see the tall ships sail in from Brooklyn, find a good viewing spot on the waterfront from 8: 15 AM until about 10:40 AM in Bay Ridge. The boats will sail from the under the Verrazzano Narrows Bridge to the Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island area, so they will not pass by Columbia Street, or near the Brooklyn Bridge. However, you can situate yourself along the NY Harbor waterfront in Brooklyn with a good view of Ellis Island, if you don't care about seeing the boats close up.

Recommended Viewing Areas in Brooklyn

Tip:Get there early to stake out your spot!

Which Ships?
You can see which ships are participating in Fleet Week here.


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