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Brooklyn Fleet Week Events: Air Demonstrations,Visiting Ships, Viewing Parade

2012 Calendar of Events in Brooklyn Includes Chance to View "Coalition" Warships


Fleet Week 2012, organized by the US Navy, celebrates several things: the 200th anniversary of the War of 1812, which was largely fought on the seas, the writing of the Star Spangled Banner. And, of course, it also celebrates the historic ships in Op Sail, which is run by a non profit organization that promotes understanding of the history of sailing ships.

This year, Brooklyn hosts several warships belonging nations in the military coalition fighting with the US in Iraq and Afghanistan. Specifically, ships from Canada, the UK, Japan and Finland will be docked off of Columbia Street in Red Hook/Carroll Gardens.


1. Wed May 23: Where to Watch Ships Enter NY Harbor (Brooklyn Locations)

If you can get away on Wednesday, don't miss the spectacular procession of ships. Find out where to watch in Brooklyn.

2. Thursday, May 24: Air Demonstrations at Coney Island

At 9 A.M. on Thursday, watch as USMC, USN, & USCG do aviation demonstrations and displays at Coney Island. According to press materials, "The US Navy Leap Frogs Parachute Jump (MH-53E), USMC airborne insertion/extraction of combat equipped Marines with helicopters."

3. Saturday-Monday, May 26-28: See and Visit On Board Ships Docked in Brooklyn

You can visit four warships and a number of historic tall ships that will be docked in Brooklyn. Where in Brooklyn to See and Board Ships During Fleet Week.

Also, "a href="http://brooklyn.about.com/od/Fleet-Week/a/Ahoy-8-Tips-On-Visiting-The-Tall-Ships-During-Fleet-Week-New-York.htm"> 8 Tips on Visiting On Board Ships during Fleet Week New York.

4. Thursday, May 24: Air Demonstrations in Sheepshead Bay

At 1:30 P.M., there will be aerial demonstration followed by a static, ground display at Sheepshead High School, Brooklyn. The aerial show, according to press materials, "will consist of MH-60S conducting "Explosive Ordnance Team Search and Rescue Operations." After the demo, MH-60S will land for a static display."

5. Saturday, May 26 - FREE ADMISSION Brooklyn Navy Yard

See the schedule of events for Saturday May 26 at the Brooklyn Navy Yard here.

About the Brooklyn Navy Yard.

6. Saturday, May 26: Naval History Lecture and Book Signing at Bklyn Navy Yard

Lecture: from 4:30 PM to 5:30 PM. Historian and author, Steve Jaffe offers an illustrated talk describing the role of the Navy Yard in helping to equip America for its "second war for independence" from Britain, as well as the part played by New Yorkers in waging the war locally and globally, and fortifying their city against British invaders.

Signed copies of his book New York at War: Four Centuries of Combat, Fear, and Intrigue in Gotham will be available for purchase.

Light fare and free shuttle service all day from downtown Brooklyn at Jay & Willoughby Streets.

7. Saturday, May 26

From the website:The U.S. Navy will hold diving demonstrations and static displays of EOD and diving equipment at the Wildlife Conservation Society’s New York Aquarium Saturday, May 26, 1 to 3 p.m.
Divers from the Navy’s Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) and will show off unique diving capabilities that keep America safe. Demonstrations will include open-circuit SCUBA and closed-circuit MK-16 re-breather diving systems, both commonly used by Navy EOD divers for fleet operations. Along with the demos, Navy officials will answer questions from the public. The demonstrations will take place near the Aquarium Plaza.
Navy Divers are the foremost experts in all types of diving operations in the U.S. military and serve as the single resource managers for diving technical knowledge and training across the entire Department of Defense (DOD).

8. Monday May 28: Last Chance to Visit, Board Fleet Week Ships

Monday, Memorial Day, is the last opportunity to visit the Fleet Week ships.

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