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March 19 Super Moon in Brooklyn: Where Can You Watch The Super Moon Rise?


Question: March 19 Super Moon in Brooklyn: Where Can You Watch The Super Moon Rise?
This Saturday, a rare event's going to occur: the "super moon," an especially big full moon, will appear. With Brooklyn's weather forecast calling for clear skies and crisp, cool weather, Saturday night will be perfect for moon-gazing.

Where can you see the super moon in Brooklyn?

Answer: The good news is, if the moon's that big — CNN is calling it the "biggest" moon in 20 years — you can probably see if from just about anywhere in Brooklyn. That said, here are some great places in Brooklyn that are either elevated, or offer a wide vista of the sky.

Oh, and by the way, the moon isn't really bigger, it's just closer to earth.

Places in Brooklyn To Watch the "Super Moon" Rise

  1. Coney Island & Brighton Beach:Atlantic Ocean boardwalk from Brighton Beach to Coney Island
  2. The Brooklyn Bridge: Drive over the Brooklyn Bridge. Or, walk if it's early in the evening, but take care late at night; bring your street smarts.
  3. Bay Ridge: Shore Road Park
  4. Bay Ridge & Bensonhurst: Drive over the Verranzano Narrows Bridge
  5. Brooklyn Heights Promenade: Brooklyn Heights Promenade
  6. Carroll Gardens: Columbia Street
  7. Downtown Brooklyn: Drive over the Manhattan Bridge
  8. Dumbo: Brooklyn Bridge Park
  9. Fort Greene: Fort Greene Park is one of the highest places in Brooklyn, so the sky scene will be beautiful. But it's night, so be careful.
  10. Greenpoint: Anywhere with a view of Manhattan, which is (more or less) everywhere.
  11. Red Hook: The park behind Ikea, or the Louis Valentino, Jr. Park and Pier
  12. Sunset Park : Sunset Park (the park) is one of the highest spots in Brooklyn. Use judgment at night in a NYC park.
  13. Williamsburg: The roof top of your building!
Learn more: Info from NASA on the "whys and wherefores" of the Super Moon

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