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Brooklyn Children's Museum — A Special Halloween for Kids

Monster Mash Costume Parade, Dance Party, Michael Jackson Thriller Contest



Dress up party at the Brooklyn Children's Museum

Photo courtesy of Brooklyn Children's Museum

Check out the Brooklyn Children's Museum's Halloween Monster Mash bash. Little kids just love the parades, celeb appearances, crafts, ghouls, Michael Jackson dance contests and other Halloween fun. But get tickets in advance. It's often sold out

MONSTER MASH 2013 features family-friendly trick-or-treat alternative activities including a costumed DJ dance party led by DJ Kakez, Michael Jackson “Thriller” tribute, spooky activities, costume parade, slithery animals, and much more.  Children of all ages are encouraged to attend dressed in their best Halloween finery.  This festival is not to be missed!  Sponsored by MCU. 

As in past years, special admission tickets are required for entry to the party.  Due to the popularity of the party every year, we recommend purchasing tickets in advance at the Museum’s admissions desk.  Advance ticket reservations are available now.  See website www.brooklynkids.org for more details.


When is MONSTER MASH 2013?

Halloween MONSTER MASH 2013 goes on for two fun days:
  • October 25th and 26th from 4:00-8:00pm 
  • October 26  from 4:00-8:00pm  from 3-8 P.M.

What Happens at MONSTER MASH ?

Here's what happens: FUN!
  • a museum-wide costume parade
  • arts and crafts (for instance, make your own trick-or-treat box)
  • a shadow puppet workshop
  • spooky storytelling
  • the annual Michael Jackson Thriller Dance Tribute (see below)
  • a scavenger hunt
  • costumed dance party led by celebrity DJ Kakez  

Michael Jackson Thriller Dance Tribute, Followed by Family Dance Party

What little kid doesn't think it's hilarious to try to dance like Michael Jackson? Well, get them revved up. The annual Michael Jackson "Thriller" Dance Tribute is performed by kids in the Museum Team afterschool program. Seating is limited; first come, first served.


And when the show is over, everyone is so excited that both kids and adults will join in the Monster Mash Dance Party, spun by a celeb DJ in costume. (Friday and Saturday nights).

Practical Details

  • For each party night, a separate admission ticket is required to enter the museum after 3pm.
  • Official website: http://www.brooklynkids.org/

Reframe the Holiday: Shift Halloween's Focus from Food to Fun

In Brooklyn, you don't have to spend Halloween avoiding temptation and collecting so much candy you set up a month's worth of family skirmishes over sugar.

Instead of trick or treating for sweets you don't really want the kids to eat, bring them to this kid-friendly event. They'll have so much fun they may even forget the candy corn.(And if you believe that, there's a bridge I'd like to sell you...)

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