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Halloween in Coney Island: Don't Miss Luna Park's "Nights of Horror"


Halloween in Coney Island: Don't Miss Luna Park's

Creepy surprises await at Coney Island's Luna Park Halloween special

Photo by one frightened E. Freudenheim
Get ready for a Brooklyn Halloween at Luna Park's "Nights of Horror"...expect ax-wielding creeps, wailing babies, screeching monsters, a Halloween maze full of fearsome surprises...and other Halloween fun.

The "Nights of Horror" event runs throughout October, on weekends, through the last weekend of the month. (In 2012 it is not open on Halloween, Oct. 31.)

In celebration of Halloween, the entire campus of Coney Island's Luna Park is populated with creepily costumed characters who threaten, chase, holler and otherwise delightfully scare patrons.

If someone puts their hand on your shoulder, don't be surprised if its a ghost.


Included in Luna Park's entrance price are two super-spooky Halloween mazes.

You can also enjoy the usual amusement park rides: The Tickler, Brooklyn Flyer, Wild River, Air Race, Electro Spin, Coney Island Sound, Coney Tower, Hang Glider, Lynn’s Trapeze, Circus Coaster and Surf’s Up – some of which, the folks at Luna Park promise "are sure to make visitors scream!"

Note that for safety purposes, no costumes are allowed. (You wouldn't want to get your wizard's hat or ten-foot-long princess cape caught in a ride, now would you, he-he-he?)

The Halloween Mazes

Beware! Once you set foot inside a maze, the only way is forward — even if your next step is shrouded in fake fog and you find yourself besieged by maniacs wielding roaring chainsaws.

Things to know about the Halloween mazes:

  • You can go to one maze or, if you love getting goosebumps, both.
  • For ages 14 and older.
  • Visitors cannot wear costumes.
  • During the daytime, the maze would take 5 minutes to walk through; however on a busy evening with lots of fellow revelers, you might spend as long as 20 minutes getting through it.
  • By definition, the maze is a one-way street.
  • The maze is made of hay bales; beware if you are allergic, and don't even think about smoking.
  • Be prepared for scary surprises: costumed actors wielding hatchets, making a turn and coming on a bloody animal, terrifying dolls, screaming sounds, gory visuals and other delicious surprises.

Schedule and Price Details

  • $30 admission includes 11 rides and mazes. Cyclone Rollercoaster and Scream Zone not included.
  • No re-entry.
  • Open 6 PM-midnight, Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights
  • No week day shows.
  • In 2012, last show is October 28.
  • Group discounts of 15 or more available.
  • Buy tickets online.

Places to Eat Nearby

Planning to eat in Coney Island? Check out these nearby Brooklyn classics:
  • Grimaldi's Pizzeria on Surf Avenue, across from Luna Park. Grimaldi's is a sit-down, family-friendly environment; Girmalid's was the place to go for pizza in DUMBO for years
  • Nathan's original hotdog stand, across from the Stillwell Ave. subway station, a block from Luna Park, on Surf Ave.
  • A new Tom's Restaurant,a new diner and an offshoot of the beloved Prospect Heights that's been in business since 1936.
  • Totonnos Pizzeria at 1524 Neptune Ave a block away from Surf Avenue where one enters Luna Park.

Still not sure? See Luna Park's "Nights of Horror" video.

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