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Brooklyn New York: Theme Costumes for Halloween,New Years,Purim & Just Plain Fun

DIY Creative Costumes: In Brooklyn, Homemade's the Thing


Here's how to make Brooklyn theme costumes, from the Brooklyn Bridge to a Brighton Beach knish to  Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz.

Brooklyn's so hot, even people who don't live here just love Brooklyn. Tourists are flocking here by the busload. So why not be a Brooklyn icon when you need a costume for Halloween, New Year's Eve or a party?

Sure, you can buy a mass market costume at one of Brooklyn's costume stores. But it won't be original, and it won't be Brooklyn-themed. And why bother when there's a wealth of DIY costume ideas you can work right here in New York City's most creative borough?

1. How to Make a Brooklyn Flea Costume: Siphonaptera, That Is (The Insect)

Indie Brooklyn can get just a tad too cool for itself. So go ahead, be a Brooklyn flea — as in the insect, not the hipster marketplace venue — for Halloween. Here's how.

2. Brooklyn Knish Costume (Mrs. Stahl's Knish or otherwise)

Author of work-in-progress "The Book of Knish" in her knish costume. Photo © Dayle Vander Sande
For Brooklyn nostalgia fans, carbo-lovers, and foodies, the idea of being a knish has a certain appeal. But beware, just thinking about this costume is likely to make you hungry!

3. Marty Markowitz, Brooklyn Politician & Brooklyn Borough President

Who wouldn't want to be Marty Markowitz (right) on Halloween, anyway? Photo courtesy of Kathryn Kirk
Here are seven-plus ways to make a Marty Markowitz costume: as a clown, as a cheerleader, and more. Get tips on how to make a Marty mask (you won't find one at Target).

4. The Williamsburg Savings Bank (AKA One Hanson Place) Costume

A skyscraper costume, created by Rob Kimmel. Photo courtesy of Rob Kimmel Design

Even if you're five feet tall, on Halloween you can be a skyscraper. Find out how you can make a costume of the Williamsburgh Savings Bank, now known as One Hanson Place, an architectural gem with a famous four-sided clock that's taller than London's Big Ben.

5. Brooklyn Bridge Costume (2-Person or Couples Costume)

For a Halloween Brooklyn Bridge, make towers of cardboard, suspension wires of string.©E Freudenheim

Be the iconic Brooklyn Bridge. This costume can be done simply, or elaborately. It requires two people.

If there's only one of you, here's an alternative: dress up as John Roebling, the chief engineer of the Brooklyn Bridge. (See Brooklyn Bridge-related, one-person costume:  John Roebling.)

6. Brooklyn Bridge-Related Costume: Be John A. Roebling

John A Roebling Suspension Bridge on the Ohio River by D.H.Tolzmann.Photo © Little Miami Pub. Co.

If there's only one of you, here's an alternative: dress up as John A. Roebling, the heroic chief engineer of the Brooklyn Bridge. 

7. Coney Island Cyclone Roller Coaster Costume (2-Person or Couples Costume)

Are you doing Halloween with your spouse, significant other, friend, or twin? Make a two person Coney Island rolleroaster costume. Here's how.

8. Coney Island Cyclone Roller Coaster Costume

Make a Halloween costume with a Brooklyn theme: Coney Island's Cyclone. Photo by E Freudenheim

World famous, Coney Island is a New York City and a Brooklyn landmark. Here's how to construct a fanciful Coney Island roller coaster Halloween costume.

9. Brooklyn Botanic Garden Costumes

Make a wildly floral hat to go with a Brooklyn Botanic Garden costume.Photo by E. Freudenheim

Want to be something beautiful and environmentally green and with a Brooklyn theme? That's easy: make a costume evoking the Brooklyn Botanic Garden!

Or, for other ideas, learn about their wonderful Ghouls & Gourds Halloween Festival.

10. Bridge & Tunnel Slacker Costume (2 Person or Couples Costume)

A minimalist costume with a Brooklyn theme: the "bridge and tunnel" costume for Halloween.

This is a costume for when you've left it all for the last minute. Dress like a slacker, or your idea of folks from outside Manhattan, and with a flick of your computer and printer, you're all set to go.

11. "Occupy Wall Street" or Other Political Costumes

Well, for a bit of extra Brooklyn moxie, try making a homemade costume with a political message!

12. Carnivale Costumes from Brooklyn's West Indian Parade

Courtesy of WIADCA
Take a page from a Caribbean Carnival--Brooklyn's own West Indian American Labor Day Parade, held every Labor Day. The costumes, mostly handmade for the event, are amazing. Check it out:

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