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Where to Get Halloween Costumes in Brooklyn: Where to Buy Costumes

Best Costume Shops for Halloween, Masquerade Parties, Purim & Special Occasions


Well, what are you going to be this Halloween? Whether you buy a readymade costume or create your own, when Halloween's around the corner, half the kids in Brooklyn are thinking about costumes. Here are some places to get costumes, or find cool stuff to create a homemade original.

Or, get creative, have a blast, and make your own Brooklyn theme Halloween costume.

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1. Film Biz Recycling


Check out this place for "costumes, vintage clothing, wedding dresses, men’s suits, high heels, wigs, jewelry, period pieces, cocktail dresses, accessories and designer everyday wear for men, women and children ."

Most items come from wardrobe stylists who bought them for actors, so you can count on a sense of style and authenticity. It's in Gowanus,

Also, you environmentalists, note that this is a social enterprise, seeking to run a business while being socially responsible. They put it like this:  "Helping the entertainment industry address triple bottom line: Profit, People, Planet."

  • 540 President Street
  • Brooklyn, NY 11215
  • 347-384-2336


2. Vintage Stores

The sky's the limit on Brooklyn's vintage shops. If you're lucky, you'll find something you can use again. Here are a few places to start looking:

3. Target

Photo courtesy of Target, 2011

Target, with several locations in Brooklyn, sells affordable, mass produced Halloween costumes. A boy's cowboy costume runs about $20,an infant's lions suit is $16. Adult costumes are more. The woman's Sweet Eats costume costs $44.99. You get free shipping with purchase of $50 or more.

4. Party City

If you're looking for the most popular mass-produced costumes, Party City has three locations in Brooklyn. Call for hours.

  • Atlantic Center Mall: 625 Atlantic Avenue. (718) 399-7252
  • Canarsie: 2183 B Ralph Avenue. (718) 531-3538.
  • Sheepshead Bay: 3797-3849 Nostrand Ave. (718) 332-6848

    5. Brooklyn Superhero Supply Co. Park Slope

    Shhh. Don't tell anyone. The Brooklyn Superhero Supply Company is actually a tutoring center for kids, disguised (year-round) as a Superhero store, which is pretty great. And they sell hilarious and fun stuff too, and never for a second drop the facade that it's all superhero merchandise. They sell, for instance, "capes, secret identities, gear, robotics/cybernetics/mutations, lairs, and invisibles."Invisibles!

          • Where: 372 Fifth Ave., nr. 5th St.
          • Contact: 718-499-9884; http://www.superherosupplies.com/

          You can order online and get it shipped, which is a good idea as the store is small.

            6. Ricky's

            Ricky's is a big national chain store with two locations in Brooklyn. If you want to dress up like a zombie or superhero, Rapunzel or Firefighter, you can get it all at Ricky's. They sell kids costumes, ladies and mens costumes, couples costumes, makeup and all the spooky, fun accessories you might want. Kids costumes tend to be in the $30 range, with some smaller sizes at $15.

            • Park Slope: 478 Bergen Street, off Flatbush Avenue.
            • Brooklyn Heights: 107 Montague Street

            7. Havin' a Party (Canarsie)

            Get in the swing of a Brooklyn Halloween.  You can find theatrical makeup from the cheapest to movie-quality products, and wigs from $1.99 to $200.  "If you want to be Frank Sinatra, we have a wig for that. If you want to be Lady Gaga we ave a wig for that, too," says Larry Scott, owner of Havin' a Party, who has an infectious laugh and a wild imagination for fun costumes.  How many costumes do they have? Thousands.

            • Where: 9520 Ave. L, nr. 95th St. (Take the L train to Rockaway Parkway)
            • Hours: During Halloween, open daily (Mon-Fri 10:30 a.m. to 7 p.m.;Saturday 10:30-6, p.m. Sunday 11-5 pm.),Mid to late October, they may stay open "as late as midnight."  
            • Contact: 718-251-0500  http://www.havinaparty@aol.com

              8. Salvation Army Thrift Stores

              Looking for an old plaid jacket, or a gold halter top? A pair of oversized boots, or a too-small hat? The Salvation Army could be your Halloween costume mecca, both for inspiration and bargain shopping. There are nine Salvation Army Thrift Stores in Brooklyn, where you can find both old Halloween costumes, and bits and pieces for a homemade Halloween costume.

              9. Yo Mama's Closet

              Dig around! Surely there's something in your (or if she lives nearby, your mama's) closet? A ridiculous old party dress. Your ex-boyfriend's oversized sneakers; your wife's negligee. A soccer jersey from high school. Goggles from the pool, or better, a pair of flippers. You get the idea...


              10. Fashion Shows

              Photo by E. Freudenheim

              Brooklyn has its fair share of fashion shows. And you might be surprised at what you can pick up in their wake. For instance:

              A 2013 fashion show in Sunset Park's Industry City inspired a young Brooklyn designer to make a very green skirt out of dozens of recycled green tea bags, making both an environmental statement, a piece of art and a wearable costume.


              Get Creative!

              You don't have to spend a ton getting gussied up for Halloween! Spend a little more time and a lot less money, and you'll have as much fun.

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