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Valentines (or Not)in Brooklyn

Brooklyn Valentines Ideas: Events, Fun, Gifts, Chocolate, Romance, Kids and...


Not sure how to celebrate Valentine's Day in Brooklyn? Here are some ideas for everything from hiding under the bed covers until the commercial love storm blows over, to proposing marriage in five of the arguably most romantic, and mostly free places in Brooklyn.

Also Valentine's Day for kids, and a whole weekend itinerary for Valentine's weekend.

1. See Romeo & Juliet at Brooklyn Movie Theaters

  • Cobble Hill Cinema 5, 265  Court St. Buy Tickets--  Feb 13, 2014
  • Williamsburg Cinemas, 270 Grand Avenue, Buy Tickets---   Feb 13, 2014.

2. Valentine's Ideas: Smart, Cool Things to Do in Brooklyn

Bored with Valentine's traditions? Brooklyn to the rescue! Find out the inventive minds at some of Brooklyn's leading cultural institutions are offering for this holiday. For instance, concerts, films, and parties, some for free. Nine great ideas for Valentine's Day: Only in Brooklyn.

5. Two Funny Valentines Gift Ideas

Photo by Julie Larsen Maher & WCS.
Got the love bug? Get chocolates that will please him or her.

6. 9 Valentine's Day Ideas for Brooklyn Kids

Photo © Ellen Freudenheim, Courtesy of Little Things Toy Store

 Children have extrasensory perception when a holiday might bring them new toys and candy.

Get some ideas on children's Valentine's Day activities in Brooklyn.

8. Valentine's Gifts: Chocolate from Brooklyn

Chocolate's the gold standard for Valentine's Day. Buy some for your pals, for yourself, for your lovers.

9. 5 Romantic Places in Brooklyn - Fun, Funny, Mostly Free

Whether you're proposing to share a life, or maybe just a bathroom, if romance is involved, then Valentine's Day might be a good time to start the conversation. Here are five classic places in Brooklyn where you can have a little privacy in a public space, for Valentine's Day or some other special occasion.

5 Free or Almost Free Romantic Spots in Brooklyn

10. 5 Best Valentine's Day Books, Brooklyn Style, for Him, Her, You & Teens

Photo © Ellen Freudenheim, Courtesy of Community Bookstore of Park Slope

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