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How to Clean Up After a Coastal Hurricane & Saltwater Flood: 4 FREE Resources

Ouch1 A BIG Post Storm Clean Up: Hurricane Sandy Devastates Brooklyn, NYC


Where to begin the post storm cleanup?

Hurricane Sandy wrecked a lot of homes, and the storm introduced not just water, but salt water, into many homes and businesses. Cleaning up after a flood can be a backbreaking, maddening, expensive, exhausting and time-consuming. But it has to be done right, or equipment can corrode, mold can make family members sick, and even indoor air quality can be affected long term.

Here are four useful, free, reader-friendly resources, prepared by government agencies that know their stuff (even if they're not located right here in Brooklyn!)

And, one last word: check out the references of any post-flood cleanup contractors before you hire them.

21 Ways to Get Ready for a Big, Bad Storm

4 Free Information Resources: Getting Help Cleaning Up Your Home after The Flood

  1. Flood Water After a Disaster or Emergency - Information from CDC on dealing with possibly contaminated flood water.
  2. Flood Cleanup and the Air In Your Home: A book by EPA on indoor air quality, which can be a problem after flooding
  3. Repairing Your Flooded Home: A 1992 publication still recommended by FEMA and written by the Red Cross, offering basic information
  4. How to Clean a House after a Flood- Very simple, practical information from Seattle Public Health Dept.

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