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Occupy Sandy Relief Efforts:Still in Need of Volunteers,Contributions,Donations

Bring Your Boots, Donate Food, Do Some Good: Many Still Without Insurance, FEMA


So you want to volunteer?

Over two months after Hurricane Sandy, which hit in late October 2012 and devastated the Atlantic shoreline communities (as well as much of New Jersey), Congress has yet to appropriate relief funds, FEMA is only slowly releasing checks, and many residents of these areas are struggling to get any money back at all from insurance companies (if indeed they had insurance). Various groups have stepped into the breach to help individuals and businesses get back on their feet: faith groups, volunteers from as far away as Japan and Israel, Habitat for Humanity and the grassroots organization Occupy Sandy.

The following offers a snapshot in early January 2013 of many different ways you can help out to rebuild communities impacted by Hurricane Sandy, through one committed, hands-on organization, Occupy Sandy.


Tasks for volunteers range from driving to cooking to kitchen clean up to actual construction work in many communities. Of course, cash donations are always welcome, as are some supplies (cleaning supplies, nonperishable food) but no clothing.

See also 30 Ways to Help Hurricane Sandy Recovery.


  • In Brooklyn

  • BAY RIDGE KITCHEN. The relief kitchen at St. John's Episcopal Church still needs volunteers every day. Please arrive between 9:00 to 2:00. If later you can still help with clean up. Contact sandybayridge@Interoccupy.net or call (347) 465-7430.

  • CONEY ISLAND AT KAISER PARK NO, don't just show up. Volunteers will be coordinated from this location, but there are not regular hours. To volunteer, please register; you will be called on as needed. Open for special events only.
    * Contact peoplesrelief@gmail.com. Info on http://interoccupy.net/ occupysandy/locations/ coneyisland/

  • In Rockaways

    RESPOND & REBUILD: Get dirty, and help out. Lift, haul, build, rebuild in the Rockaways.
    * Fill out this volunteer form in advance.

  • YANA at Beach 113th and Rockaway Beach Blvd.: The YANA Community Center was Hurricane Sandy’s first relief site in the Rockaways. YANA (the name stands for You Are Never Alone) is in need of quick learners and volunteers with skills in construction. Newbies will be trained or given other tasks.The YANA relief site also dispatches volunteers throughout the peninsula, to do everything from clean up and gutting to donation distribution. See Utube about YANA relief efforts (Nov. 2012).
    * Essentials: wear boots and appropriate clothing; safety gear will be provided.
    * Yana FB page https://www.facebook.com/ YANA113?fref=ts ~http://interoccupy.net/ occupysandy/locations/ rockaways/

  • ST. CAMILLUS CHURCH & SCHOOL (B100): BEACH 100 ST between Rockaway Beach Blvd. and Shore Front Parkway: Donations only, no clothes.
    St. Camillus Church is the main distribution site for Occupy Sandy on the west of the Rockaways. It provides hot meals as well as accepting and distributing donations of non perishable food, hot food, baby clothes, cleaning supplies. No clothing.
    * Contact: http://interoccupy.net/ occupysandy/locations/ rockaways/

  • CHURCH OF THE PROPHECY (CORNAGA): 23-04 Corgana Ave., Rockaway Queens~ Donations only. Call in advance to inquire what is needed and to arrange drop-offs. 9:30am-4pm daily
    * Contact: (347) 207-4113 or(828) 367-8525

  • In Staten Island

    Staten Island 1128 Olympia Blvd: Volunteers are needed everyday at the @OccupySandy @StatenIslandOS Community Hub. Midland Beach has asked for our long term support- StatenIslandOS has space for it's Coms Hub & #ToolLibrary in Midland Beach for next 1 to 2 years.
    * Contact: Staten Island FB page https://www.facebook.com/ StatenIslandOS; ~http://interoccupy.net/ occupysandy/locations/ statenisland/

  • In New Jersey

    PHILADELPHIA TWU LOCAL 234: Philadelphia TWU Local 234 is the main distribution center for the Occupy Sandy efforts in New Jersey.
    * Contact; http://interoccupy.net/ occupysandy/nj/ philadelphia-twu-local-234/
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