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How Can You Get a Job at the Barclays Center Stadium in Brooklyn?

Local Residents and Others Seem to Have Priority Hiring Status: Learn More


How Can You Get a Job at the Barclays Center Stadium in Brooklyn?
Brooklyn's Barclays Center is home to the Nets basketball team and a mega-entertainment venue
Question: How Can You Get a Job at the Barclays Center Stadium in Brooklyn?

Now that the Barclays Center in Brooklyn is open, many people want to get jobs there — for the pay, prestige, a glimpse of celebs and possibly free or reduced tickets.

What Kinds of Jobs Might You Find at Barclays Center?

Currently, the stadium website lists the following kinds of jobs:
  • Brooklyn Sports & Entertainment Jobs
  • Brooklyn Nets Basketball Jobs
  • Restaurant Jobs
  • Arena Jobs

Barclays Center in Brooklyn will serve literally millions of visitors every year. With over 220 events annually, nearly four million people will pass through the Flatbush Avenue venue, which seats about 18,000.

Barclays is bringing unprecedented traffic to the area, translating into service jobs: ticket takers, cleaners, food processors and handlers, maintenance and so on.

If you don't find a job at the stadium, look in local businesses that might be expanding to take advantage of the new foot traffic: restaurants, bars, take-out restaurants, and local stores, as well as food and liquor suppliers who work with the restaurant industry.

Note that many of these jobs might be part-time, minimum wage, and not offer benefits such as health insurance.

Other kinds of jobs that might be associated with the Barclays Center, but not necessarily advertised directly by Barclays Center: marketing, advertising, publicity, promotions, photography, sports marketing, social media, clothing design, tourism, real estate development, car parking, taxi and car service as well as arts administration, community liaison, and youth program management for non profit organizations that may develop a relationship with the venue.

Atlantic Yards Residential Towers Development

Finally, Barclays Center is just the first element in the much bigger and controversial $4.9 billion residential housing development called Atlantic Yards. Employment related to the construction of these apartment buildings includes building trades, political lobbying, finance, project management, and, for opponents of the project, non profit activism and fundraising. The first tower is slated to break ground in late 2012.

Where are Barclays Center jobs listed?

Job openings come and go. Check the Barclays Center job page for current listings. You might also check via the NYC Workforce 1 system. Learn about the free services of the Workforce 1 Centers in Brooklyn which has job and career centers in Brooklyn. Because the stadium was built with an extraordinary level of public financing through tax breaks, there is some commitment to priority hiring of neighborhood residents. (See below.)

Do you qualify for priority hiring at Barclays Center jobs?

Officially, priority hiring will be given to certain people: those who live nearby, or in certain public housing developments, or who have participated in Brooklyn United for Innovative Local Development’s training program.

Here's more information on several of the priority hiring criteria:

1. Do You Live in a Local Neighborhood?

Officially, priority is going to residents of Brooklyn Community Boards 2,3,6, and 8. That covers such neighborhoods as Bedford-Stuyvesant, Crown Heights, Gowanus and Red Hook among others.

Find out: Do you live in a job-priority area? See if your street address falls into any of these four Brooklyn Community Boards:

2. Do You Live in a Nearby NYC Housing Authority Apartment Complex?

Also, residents of nearby NYC Housing Authority apartments, notably in the following eight NYCHA developments, are promised priority hiring status:
  • Ingersoll
  • Whitman
  • Farragut
  • Atlantic Terminal
  • Wyckoff Gardens
  • Warren Street
  • Lafayette Gardens and
  • Gowanus Houses

More About the Barclay Center Employment

Five months prior to the Barclay Center's opening, NYC Mayor Bloomberg and other officials announced priority hiring for local residents for as many as 2,000 jobs, both full time and part time. The Mayor's Office released the following statement on April 25, 2012,
"Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg today joined Forest City Ratner Companies Chairman and CEO Bruce Ratner to announce a plan to fill approximately 2,000 jobs at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn using the City’s Workforce1 services. Priority hiring for the jobs, which will include full- and part-time positions, will be for residents of Brooklyn Community Boards 2, 3, 6 and 8, graduates of Brooklyn United for Innovative Local Development’s training program" as well as residents of specific housing under the authority of the NYHA.

This article posted April 2012, revised September 2012.

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