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July 4th in Brooklyn - 4th of July Calendar of Events


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Visit Brooklyn's Revolutionary War Sites: Old Stone House Museum
July 4th in Brooklyn - 4th of July Calendar of Events

The Revolutionary War's Battle of Brooklyn was lost, but in so losing, the patriots helped win the War of Independence. This saga, along with the history of George Washington in Brooklyn, is detailed at the Old Stone House museum in Park Slope, Brooklyn

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Visit Brooklyn's Revolutionary War Sites on July 4th Weekend

Brooklyn played an important role in the American Revolution, notably on one fateful day known as the Battle of Brooklyn or Battle of Long Island. There are visible reminders of the Battle of Brooklyn throughout the borough, from the Old Stone House in Park Slope, to markers on stones in Prospect Park, to the historic monument in Fort Greene Park. Revolutionary War soldiers are buried in Green-Wood Cemetery.

The Old Stone House

Tucked off of Fifth Avenue in Park Slope, between a playground, a public school, and a row of restaurants, coffee shops, and tasteful retail stores, is an old stone building that, at first glance, seems simply charming. It's the Old Stone House, which multi-tasks as a historic museum, a community resource, and rental space for private events.

The Old Stone House does not date from the Revolutionary War; it is a reconstructed 1699 Dutch farmhouse that played an important role in the pivotal Battle of Brooklyn. Take an hour to study the maps and look at the interesting, educational exhibits here.

Brooklyn celebrates the historic Battle of Brooklyn every August with a fabulous ten-day event series, including a re-enactment. Check their calendar for details.

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Day by Day Calendar of July 4 Holiday Events in Brooklyn

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