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MLK Day Parties for Kids & Families: How to Celebrate MLK Day at Home

2013: Michelle Obama First Lady Dress Up Party, Obama Inauguration Party


Martin Luther King Day 2013 is special: It's not just MLK Day and the occasion for a three day weekend. January 21, 2013 is also the second-term inauguration of President Obama. Here are some fun and educational ideas of how to celebrate the occasion with children....with a party.

For more ideas, see 10 Ways to Celebrate Martin Luther King Day with Kids.

1. For Girls: Celebrate with a "Michelle Obama First Lady Dress-Up Party"

What's the President without his First Lady? Well, one thing he wouldn't be is a fashion plate. For the little girls of Brooklyn (or anywhere) who love to dress up, have a Michelle Obama First Lady Dress Up Party. She's a great role model.
  • For snacks, make it healthy food, which has been one of the First Lady's anti-obesity campaign themes.
  • They can learn about Martin Luther King Jr.'s wife, Coretta Scott King and female civil rights activists such as Dorothy Height .
  • What children's books does Michelle Obama like best? Oprah has a list: Michelle Obama's favorite kids books. You can find them in your local bookstore or at the Brooklyn Public Library.
  • Connecting MLK's struggle with the Inauguration, have the kids look at the Statue of Freedom atop the Capitol Dome. The 150th anniversary year of this statue is 2013. And, the statue is....a woman.

Thinking of dress up? Costume stores in Brooklyn

2. Scrapbooking Party: Obama Inuagural and MLK Day 2013

There will never be another day when this confluence occurs: MLK Day and the second inauguration of America's first black president. It's one for the books. So, why not get the kids started on making their own scrapbook? How to Get Started on Making a Scrap Book.

For Scrapbooking Supplies in Brooklyn

  • Scribbles, 1308 40th St.,] (between 13th Ave & 14th Ave), Borough Park (closed Saturday)

3. Inauguration Party at Home: Watch Pomp & Circumstance,American Style

Even if you cannot go to Washington, DC, you can watch the proceedings on TV. The 2013 Inaugural Ceremonies theme,Faith in America’s Future commemorates the nation's "perseverance," and marks the 150th anniversary of the placement of the Statue of Freedom atop the U.S. Capitol dome. Check local NYC TV stations to tune into the events of the day, which include:

As for what to serve for such a party, why not black eyed peas for the new year, or some take out ribs from such restaurants as the Smoke Joint in Fort Greene?

Happy Martin Luther King Day!

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