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Moving to Brooklyn?

A useful guide to anyone moving to Brooklyn NY, or considering doing so. Learn about the best Brooklyn neighborhoods for college grads, retirees, and investors; finding and renting an apartment or buying a coop; the best way to get around; Brooklyn attitude; where to register to vote; the pros and cons of keeping a car and the peculiarities of Brooklyn parking, among other essentials.
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  2. College Grad Guide to Brooklyn (4)

Looking for an Apartment or Home in New York City—Try Brooklyn
9 Reasons to Live in Brooklyn

Brooklyn Zip Codes, by Number
A listing by number of zip codes in Brooklyn, and for each, what Brooklyn neighborhood is assigned that zip code.

Eleven Institutions of Higher Education in Brooklyn
Brooklyn boasts many institutions of higher education, from Brooklyn College to Downstate SUNY medical center, Brooklyn Law School, Pratt Institute, and other colleges and universities. And, they have surprising reach: Polytechnic, affiliated with New York University, has campuses abroad.

Where to Go to College or Grad School in Brooklyn
Brooklyn, one of New York City's five boroughs, is home to a major medical training center, a law school, and over a half dozen other colleges and universities.

Where to Go to College in Brooklyn
Brooklyn, one of New York City's five boroughs, has many different educational opportunities for college students.

Ten Tips on Renting an Apartment in Brooklyn
Tips on Renting an Apartment in Brooklyn

5 Romantic Places in Brooklyn for Marriage (or Other) Proposals — Mostly Free
Looking for a great, romantic, unusual, place to propose marriage to your honey in New York City? Take a gander at what Brooklyn has to offer. Just to give you a taste of the options, here's a list of five fabulous, funny but romantic places to propose marriage —or to propose romance— in Brooklyn, including the NY Aquarium, Prospect Park Zoo,...

3 Brooklyn Real Estate Myths about "Good Zip Codes"
Just what can a Brooklyn zip code can tell you about the neighborhood? After all, Forbes Magazine runs articles such as America's Most Expensive Zip Codes. (Brooklyn doesn't boast one of them.) With almost 50 different postal zip codes, Brooklyn probably has more zip codes than most cities in the United States. Should zip codes be used by...

Brooklyn Reverse Zip Code Guide — Zip Codes by Number
Brooklyn Reverse Zip Code Guide — A listing by number of zip codes in Brooklyn, NY and for each, what Brooklyn neighborhood is assigned that zip code.

For IRS Tax Returns, What "County" and "City" Should Brooklyn NY Residents Use?
When Filing Income Tax Returns, What "County" and "City" Should Brooklyn NY Residents Use?

Does Brooklyn Today Still Have Italian Neighborhoods?
Does Brooklyn Today Still Have Italian Neighborhoods?

4 Best Things to Do After Walking Across the Brooklyn Bridge—DUMBO
4 Best Things to Do After Walking Across the Brooklyn Bridge—DUMBO

How to Walk the Brooklyn Bridge—Manhattan to Brooklyn, Brooklyn to Manhattan
Moving to Brooklyn? Make it your business to take a walk across the Brooklyn Bridge. Find out how to get on, where to get off, what to look for, when to go, and more.

Four Ways to Celebrate Being Irish in Brooklyn on St. Patrick's(or Any Other)Day
Find out how to celebrate being Irish in Brooklyn on St. Patrick's Day and 364 other days of the year.

Where Can You Find Corned Beef and Cabbage in Brooklyn?
Where to Find Corned Beef and Cabbage in Brooklyn

Cool Things to Do This Week in Brooklyn, NY
Things to Do This Week in Brooklyn

What is Dine in Brooklyn, Anyway?
What is "Dine in Brooklyn" Anyway?

Eight Tips For Brooklyn's Restaurant Week, Dine In Brooklyn
Brooklyn Restaurant week, restaurant week brooklyn, dine in brooklyn, dine brooklyn, restaurant week restaurants brooklyn, department of health grades for restaurants, Brooklyn Restaurants week,

When is Brooklyn's Restaurant Week?
Manhattan's Restaurant Week gets tons of publicity. When is Restaurant Week in Brooklyn?

Brooklyn Restaurant Week: 25 Places You’ve Never Heard of That Are Worth ...
There are several times of the year that the city runs Restaurant Week, and it's always a great time to get outside your own neighborhood and try something new. Here are some cool restaurants tucked away in non-trendy Brooklyn neighborhoods that are worth visiting during Brooklyn's own, humble and immensely popular Restaurant Week, called Dine...

Post Office Bar
Post Office features a fantastic selection whiskey, rye, and bourbon served neat with a small but delicious menu of snacks.

7 Things to Eat in Brooklyn Pizza Joint
There are a lot of variations on the theme of pizza. Here are seven different things to order, or look for, in a Brooklyn pizzeria.

Where Can You Watch a Sunset Over the Atlantic Ocean in Brooklyn New York?
Watch the sun set over the Atlantic Ocean, in Brooklyn, NY. Here's one great spot.

Best Places to Watch the Sunset in Brooklyn, NY
Where can you watch a memorable sun set over New York Harbor, the Statue of Liberty, or the Atlantic Ocean, in Brooklyn, NY?

Things to Know When Visiting a Hassidic Community
All kinds of people live in Brooklyn, and some of the most picturesque areas are the borough's orthodox Jewish areas. As tourism in Brooklyn increases, are there tips to visiting an orthodox Jewish neighborhood?

DUMBO, Near the Brooklyn Bridge — A Tour of Trendy Front Street
DUMBO is the Brooklyn neighborhood closest to Manhattan, on the southern tip of the island. And, it's a huge destination for tourists, visitors and Brooklynites looking for great views of New York Harbor, interesting architecture, and a uniquely Brooklyn experience of walking under both the Manhattan and Brooklyn Bridges.

How to Walk Across the Williamsburg Bridge
Tips on how to walk or bike across the Williamsburg Bridge into Manhattan.

Where to Stay in Brooklyn: Major Chain Hotels
Brooklyn's universe of hotels is expanding, and includes chain hotels, boutique hotels and bed and breakfast. Learn about what national brand chain hotels are in Brooklyn, NY

What are the best Brooklyn neighborhoods for stoop sales?
Stoop sales are part of a neighborhood economy in Brooklyn, where secondhand home furnishings, clothes, books and more are sold for a song. It's like a garage sale, Brooklyn style. Where are the best neighborhoods to go to scout out stoop sales?

Brooklyn Neighborhoods and Education
A guide to the diverse neighborhoods of the borough of Brooklyn, including Brooklyn neighborhood maps and Brooklyn photos. Information on Brooklyn restaurants, schools, and transportation.

How to Make Dinner in a New York Minute, Brooklyn Style
If you happen to live in Brooklyn and you’re in a huge rush to make dinner, here are four ways to get dinner together in ten minutes or less. Hint: there’s one easy, seven-letter clue: TAKE-OUT.

Free Outdoor Films at Fort Greene's Habana Outpost:Sunday Movies Under the Stars
Here's a fun way to spend Sunday nights in Brooklyn: Free movies under the stars in Fort Greene's crowded, eco-friendly Habana Outpost. Get some drinks and Cuban-Mexican food, and settle in for great free films. Movies start at sundown. Here's the movie schedule.

Coney Island Free Outdoor Movies - Flicks on the Beach Summer Schedule
What could be more fun? Welcome to Movies on the Beach in Coney Island. As part of the historic area's vast makeover, starting in 2011 there will be free films on Monday nights. The movies are shown on a huge forty-foot screen. Grab a hot dog at Nathans, or spend the afternoon exploring the NY Aquarium (open 10 a.m.-6 p.m.)and walking along the...

How to Walk the Brooklyn Bridge & Where to Stay in Brooklyn-Visitors Guide
Everything you need to know about taking a Brooklyn Bridge walk, including where take photos, and where to stay nearby!

Sunset Over Statue of Liberty & NY Harbor — 8 Best Views from Brooklyn
Eight places in Brooklyn with spectacular sunset views of NY Harbor include the tony River Cafe, ferries, a promenade on a bluff overlooking the Harbor, and a tiny park tucked away in Red Hook.

A Guide to Living in Williamsburg — Moving to Brooklyn
A guide for those who have recently moved to Williamsburg, Brooklyn: where to find grocery stores, pharmacies, hardware stores, and more.

What's Open 24/7 in Brooklyn? 7 Best All Night Diners, Bagel Places
What's open 24/7 in Brooklyn? Get tips on classic all night diners and other destinations for night owls.

BBQ in Brooklyn Parks: 10 Reasons to Do a BREAKFAST Barbecue Party
Reschedule your BBQ lunch or dinner in a Brooklyn park. Have a BBQ breakfast instead! 10 reasons why having a BBQ breakfast party makes sense.

New York City's Outer Boroughs: What and Where Are They?
What are the outer boroughs of New York City, exactly?

Islands (Not Caribbean!) Worth a Visit: Ellis,Governors,Liberty & Long
Brooklyn's got an island culture of its own. It's just now what you think.

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