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Brooklyn Bands in the WNYC Battle of the Boroughs Talent Competition

February 2012 Line Up of Brooklyn Musicians


The annual Battle of the Boroughs: Brooklyn Battle in Greene Space, event, sponsored by WNYC and WQXR in New York City, pits musicians from all five boroughs against one another in a friendly competition of creativity. And indeed, the range of styles and sounds is amazing — and the Brooklyn contingent represents one slice of the enormous music scene pulsing through that slice of the Big Apple that is Brooklyn.

Check out the Brooklyn finalists in the 2012 Battle of the Boroughs, bands and musicians that you're likely to hear in many Brooklyn venues. (Click through to learn more or hear their music.)

2012 Brooklyn Contestants in the WNYC Battle of the Boroughs Event

The Brooklyn bands will play in The Green Space in Manhattan. To learn more and get tickets to the annual Battle of the Boroughs event, see: http://www.thegreenespace.org

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