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New Year's Eve Walk Over the Brooklyn Bridge: FAQ


FAQ About A New Year's Eve Walk Over the Brooklyn Bridge

All About How to Walk the Brooklyn Bridge.
  1. When is the Best Time to Walk the Bridge on New Year's Eve? You can go at any time. There will be fireworks at midnight, visible from the Brooklyn Bridge, in New York Harbor near Liberty Island. You can see fireworks miles away, for instance in Staten Island. So, for those purposes, go close to midnight.
    On the other hand, it would be fun to walk over the Brooklyn Bridge early on New Year's Eve, for instance on the way to any of the fun New Year's Eve events in Brooklyn.
  2. Tip> Walk Across the Brooklyn Bridge at 10 P.M. until 10:45, then get on a subway and go to NYC's New Year's Eve Fireworks in Grand Army Plaza, Park Slope, just about a 10 minutes subway ride or 40 minute walk from the Brooklyn side of the Brooklyn Bridge.

    Directions for Walking From the Brooklyn Bridge to Grand Army Plaza New Years Eve Fireworks.

  3. What Should I Look for On New Year's Eve? The Empire State Building will be cast in special hues for the occasion. That's the first thing to look for. Also, look for the silhouette of lower Manhattan, the Statue of Liberty, the Manhattan Bridge and beyond it the Williamsburg Bridge, the Chrysler Building, and all the traffic on the East River Drive. Note that the view from the Brooklyn Bridge is partially obstructed due to repair work.

  4. Can I Drink Champagne on the Brooklyn Bridge on New Year's Eve? It's illegal in NYC to drink alcohol in public. (That's why in old movies, the winos and drunkards always carried their bottle hidden in a brown paper bag.) The NYPD may or may not enforce this on New Year's Eve.

  5. How Far is it From the Brooklyn Bridge to the New Year's Eve Fireworks in Prospect Park? The New Year's Eve fireworks are in Prospect Park, in Park Slope. (Find out more.) It would take almost an hour to walk there from the Brooklyn Bridge. But you can hop on a subway from Clark Street Station or Borough Hall Station (both in Brooklyn Heights, not far from the Brooklyn Bridge) and arrive in Park Slope in less than 20 minutes, assuming the trains aren't too packed to get on board.

  6. How Can I Get Back to Manhattan/Brooklyn After I Walk Across the Brooklyn Bridge? See directions to DUMBO here.

  7. Should We Take a Paid Tour of the Brooklyn Bridge? That's always fun. If you wish to do so, check out NY Walks and Talks, who do a $40, hour long group tour. (888) 377-4455.

  8. How Cold Is It? It's usually cold in January, and when you're on the Brooklyn Bridge, you're exposed to wind. So dress warmly if you don't want to freeze!

  9. Can I Wear High Heels on the Brooklyn Bridge? As for high heels, it's the most romantic idea in the world. But it might not be too comfortable. The pedestrian walkway is made of wood.

  10. Is it Safe? Probably. There will be crowds of people on the bridge at midnight to see the New York Harbor fireworks display. The crime rate in New York City has been declining for years, and the city is generally safe if you use your street smarts. That means not flashing expensive jewelry, watches and cameras in very public, crowded places. It also means not being inebriated and out in a crowd, if you've got something to lose. The pedestrian walkway to the Brooklyn Bridge is lit, and people do walk it at night, of course at their own risk. If on New Year's Eve the weather is good, there's a strong likelihood that the Brooklyn Bridge will be full of revelers before, during, and right after midnight. There will be police in the area. Should you walk it at 3 A.M.? The Big Apple is a big city, so use your judgement.

  11. Speaking of Politics, Will Occupy Wall Street Occupy the Brooklyn Bridge Again on New Year's Eve? Not to anybody's knowledge. But you never know; the Brooklyn Bridge is New York City's most historic protest bridge, after all.

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