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Where are the Fireworks for New Year's Eve in New York City?


Where are the Fireworks for New Year's Eve in New York City?

New Year's Eve Fireworks at Grand Army Plaza in Brooklyn. Photo courtesy of Paul Martinka and Prospect Park Alliance

Question: Where are the Fireworks to Usher in 2014 on New Year's Eve in New York City?


Answer: On December 31, 2013 New Year's Eve fireworks will be held in Brooklyn's Prospect Park.

The annual event starts with a pre-party at Grand Army Plaza, with free entertainment, and some light refreshments.

Bring the kids, bring the significant other, bring granny. New Year's Eve at Grand Army Plaza is, traditionally, a very low-key, friendly affair. You can dress in sequins and spangles and wear New Year's Eve hats. Or, throw on a sweatshirt and a pair of jeans. It's Park Slope Brooklyn, and nobody cares!


Where to Watch the New Year's Eve Fireworks in Prospect Park

Thousands of people flock into beautiful Prospect Park for this event, but don't worry about getting a "good seat." You can see it from just about anywhere.


The organizers recommend stationing yourself at one of these locations:

  • anywhere in Grand Army Plaza
  • inside the Park on the West Drive
  • along Prospect Park West between Grand Army Plaza and 9th Street.
The fireworks begin at midnight and last for about 20 minutes, though it seems like forever. The community really turns out for this low-key, high-decibel fireworks display. Like many other really Brooklyn events, there's a gorgeous diversity, with thousands of people of different backgrounds all staring up at the sky watching successive blasts of color mark a new beginning, a new year.


It's a wonderful, happy community event.

Brooklyn's New Year’s fireworks and festivities are sponsored by Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz. And this year, 2013, you can watch as Marty hands over the reins of Brooklyn governance (well, promotion) to newly elected Borough President Eric Adams.



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