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Home Security in Brooklyn: NY Police Offer Free Crime Prevention Audits

Available to Residents and Mom-&-Pops, Advice from the Experts


It's awful to be robbed at work or at home. Find out how you can access the best advice of all on how to prevent a robbery. Book a safety audit with the New York City Police Department. It's free.

1. Renting? Get a Free Security/Crime Prevention Review for Your Bklyn Apartment

Brooklyn's hot and happening, but apartments are really expensive. And if they're not expensive, then either you are sharing with ten people, or you're likely to be in a transitional neighborhood, which is NYC code lingo for potentially unsafe if you leave your windows open and your shiny new laptop on the floor. And even if you rent in the fanciest Brooklyn neighborhood, security is always an issue.

You can find out if you've got any really weak spots in your home security system and how to most affordably dissuade would-be thieves by having a consult with the local NYPD. Look up your precinct number, and call the Crime Prevention officer to book a consult. Free.

2. For Small Business Owners in Brooklyn: Free Security Audits by Local Precinct

Unbeknownst to many mom-and-pop entrepreneurs, the NYPD will come into your workplace at the owner's invitation and do a free survey of your security set up and what you might do to improve it. This kind of expertise will give you some peace of mind,and also give you the opportunity to meet some of your local officers. Set up an appointment for a security survey contact your local precinct's Crime Prevention Officer. Free.

3. For Home Owners in Brooklyn: Free Crime Prevention Audits

Not sure whether to install gates, locks, or spring for an actual alarm system? Is the fire escape secure? And what about outside lights, or maybe a dog, especially if you travel a lot? Is any of this even necessary?

Ask the cops. The NYPD will do a free confidential security survey to anyone living in Brooklyn (or citywide, for that matter). You can save a lot of time, money and grief by knowing how to be smart about home security.

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