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What are the best Brooklyn neighborhoods for stoop sales?


Question: What are the best Brooklyn neighborhoods for stoop sales?
A stoop sale is Brooklyn's answer to the suburban garage sale. Stoop sales are a great place to pick up furniture, mirrors, bikes, clothes, sports gear, small furniture and housewares, old jewelry and the occasional treasure.
Answer: Among the best Brooklyn neighborhoods for stoop sales are:
  • Park Slope
  • Carroll Gardens
  • Clinton Hill
  • Fort Greene
  • Ditmas Park & Prospect Park South
  • Prospect Heights

Why? Because there are frequent stoop sales in these neighborhoods, and the communities are middle and upper middle class, so often one can get a great deal on gently used items. This isn't exactly flea market shopping, but sometimes you can find the same kind of gear at great prices.

How Can You Find Out When There Are Stoop Sales?

Some stoop sales are advertised on Craig's List. Often, in Park Slope and other neighborhoods, people simply stick up signs on the lamp posts or advertise their stoop sale with a chalked message on the sidewalk.

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