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Lost Money, Found Money in Brooklyn: $400 Million in NY State Unclaimed Funds

Complete Guide for Current and Former Brooklyn Residents


Everyone who's online remembers the line, you've got mail. Well, you can go online today, and see if you've got money.. New York State's Office of Unclaimed Funds holds funds from abandoned bank and other accounts, hoping that the right owner will show up. In 2011 there was $11 billion in unclaimed funds in New York State.

It's Easy and Smart to Check if You've Got Money: NY State Unclaimed Funds

  1. What kinds of funds are held?
  2. How can you find out if you have a claim?
  3. What is the average claim size?
  4. Are there fees and deadlines?
  5. Is it complicated to file a claim?
  6. Read a Q&A with the NY State Office of Unclaimed Funds (2011)

    Brooklyn, Brooklyn Neighborhoods & Millions of Dollars in Unclaimed Funds

    It's fascinating to see which Brooklyn neighborhoods are associated with large sums of unclaimed money.

  7. How much money in Brooklyn overall is unclaimed?
  8. Which Brooklyn Zip Codes Have Most in NY State's Unclaimed Funds?
  9. How much money has gone unclaimed from Bay Ridge and Fort Hamilton?
  10. How much money has gone unclaimed from Sheepshead Bay, Manhattan Beach and Brighton Beach?
  11. How much money has gone unclaimed from Brooklyn Heights, DUMBO, Downtown Brooklyn, Cobble Hill and other areas covered by zip code 11201?
  12. How much money has gone unclaimed from the sections of Park Slope, Boerum Hill and elsewhere covered by zip code 11217?

    For People Whose Elderly Family Members Once Lived, or Live, in Brooklyn

  13. If Your Family Once Lived in One of These 12 Brooklyn Neighborhoods, They Might Have Money They Don't Know About
  14. Other Resources

  15. Millions of Bucks in Brooklyn Looking for Rightful Owners. Top 10 Websites For Lost, Unclaimed Money & Benefits in BKLYN

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