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Watching the NYC Marathon in Brooklyn? Check Out Free Music & Fun Near BAM

Barclay's & Brooklyn Academy of Music, Easily Accessible by Subway: Top Spot


Watching the NYC Marathon in Brooklyn? Check Out Free Music & Fun Near BAM

New landmark: Barclay's Center on Flatbush Avenue is having a huge impact on Prospect Heights nearby.

Photo by E. Freudenheim Watching the NYC Marathon in Brooklyn? Check Out Free Music & Fun Near BAM

Cultural hub: The BAM Opera House, along with BAM's Rose Theater and Harvey Theater, are a multi-million dollar operation.

copyright Peter Mauss Watching the NYC Marathon in Brooklyn? Check Out Free Music & Fun Near BAM

Long the tallest building in Brooklyn, the Williamsburg Savings Bank in Fort Greene, is now condos.

Photo by E. Freudenheim

One of the best places to see the NYC Marathon is at the large intersection that's near three Brooklyn institutions:  the Barclay's Center, the Williamsburg Savings Bank and the cultural hub,  BAM. It's here that the runners all converge from their previously separate courses. There's energy. And noise. And music. It's so Brooklyn.


The ING New York City Marathon sponsors have situated an ING Cheering Zone at BAM, at the corner of Lafayette Street and Ashland Avenue, creating a kind of orchestrated Brooklyn pride shout-out to the Marathoners. This is a great, energizing spot from which to watch one of the world's most famous and beloved races.

  • BAM, more properly known as the Brooklyn Academy of Music, is one of New York City's best known cultural centers, offering audiences live (and sometimes edgy) performances, opera, dance, film, and various festivals. It's one of the cultural hubs of Brooklyn. So of course, given BAM's force field, one would expect great energy and creativity around the New York City Marathon at this juncture.
  •  Barclays Center is a vast venue, hosting the Nets basketball team, concerts and mega events. See the Visitors Guide to Barclay's Center.

Getting Married at the Marathon?
The organizer's website from the last Marathon, in 2011 (the 2012 event was cancelled after devastating Hurricane Sandy) says, "BAM is a favorite spot for Marathon spectators. Add great entertainment, neighborhood diversity and even the occasional mid-Marathon wedding ceremony "...(italics added).

Free Music: Where to Hear Live Bands, Performers on Marathon Sunday Near BAM

There's lots of free entertainment here.


Look for the Entertainment Stage at 4th Avenue and Flatbush Avenue.

You can also hear other live performances nearby:

  •  4th Ave & St. Marks
  •  4th Ave & Atlantic Avenue
and more.



Tips for ING New York City Marathon Spectators

  • Where it is in the Marathon Course: Miles 8-10
  • Directions to Brooklyn Academy of Music (BAM is adjacent to the Atlantic Mall)
  • A word to the wise: Take care when meeting friends to specify where near BAM you're all meeting, and exit the subway close to where you want to be, not across the race course from your destination! The Marathon course streets are closed to all traffic, including non-participating pedestrians, during the race. The race is crowded, fast and furious; there's no way to cut through the New York City Marathon.


NY Marathon: Brooklyn Guide for Runners & Spectators Where to Go, How to Get There

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