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Swimming Pools in Brooklyn

Public Pools- Cool Off, Learn to Swim, Have Family Fun


Find out all about public swimming pools in Brooklyn: where they are, where you can take the kids or swim a mile, when they open. Find out about public pools in Brooklyn, and where to go swimming, indoors and out.

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4. Indoor Pools with Wheelchair Access (Public)

The following three pools all have wheelchair access. All are public indoor pools. All are intermediate size, about 75'long, 35 or 40' wide and 8 or 9 feet deep.
Brownsville Playground Linden and Mother Gaston Blvds. and Christopher Avenue
(718) 485-4633

Metropolitan Recreation Center
Bedford and Metropolitan Avenues
(718) 599-5707

St. John's Recreation Center

Prospect Place, between Troy and Schenectady Avenues (718) 771-2787

6. Indoor Swimming Pools (Public)

Brownsville Swimming Pool
1555 Linden Boulevard
(718) 485-4633

Metropolitan Swimming Pool
261 Bedford Avenue
(718) 599-5707

St. John's Swimming Pool
1251 Prospect Place
(718) 771-2787

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