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Income Tax 101 for Brooklyn Filers: 7 Things to Know

2013 Tax Returns Due April 2014


IRS instructions for tax filing

The IRS instruction forms can be daunting

$20 bills

Avoid the trap of the "instant refund" for taxes

Photo courtesy of Uncle Sam

Below are some basics for Brooklyn residents on how to deal with filing 2013 income taxes in April 2014.


  1. When Filing Tax Returns from Brooklyn, What is the Correct City, County and State?
  2. Brooklyn Parents: What's the Age Limit for Claiming My Children as Dependents to the IRS?
  3. For Brooklyn Parents Who are Divorced or Separated, Who Gets to Claim the Child as a Dependent?
  4. Where is the IRS Office in Brooklyn?
  5. 30 Places In  Brooklyn Where Can You Get Free Help with Filing Income Taxes 
  6. What Kind of Taxpayer Are You? 15 Tips Save You Hassle & Money
  7. What About that "Instant Tax Refund"

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