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When is Cyber Monday This Year?


When is Cyber Monday This Year?

Best Buy is just one of many stores offering great bargains on CyberMonday

Question: When is Cyber Monday This Year?
Cyber Monday is an online shopping opportunity that falls on the Monday after Thanksgiving weekend. It's a good chance for shoppers who were too busy on the holiday weekend to get to the Black Friday sales. You can be in Kenya or Kansas, it doesn't matter where you are, you can still get bargains on Cyber Monday. All you need is a computer. So, what is the date of Cyber Monday in Brooklyn, New York in 2013?
Answer: Cyber Monday in Brooklyn, falls on Monday, December 2nd, 2013...EXCEPT for the fact that many online retailers have already started offering bargains, before Thanksgiving has even come 'round. So, you might say that Cyber Monday has gone cyber!. In any event, the sales associated with Cyber Monday no longer happen just on that Monday.

Rather, you can expect a slow ramp up beginning before Thanksgiving and culminating on the Monday after turkey day.

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