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Snow on Xmas? What's the Weather for Santa on Christmas in Brooklyn?

"Brooklyn Raindeer Report"™ about New York Weather for Christmas 2013


Snow on Xmas? What's the Weather for Santa on Christmas in Brooklyn?

Christmas Day in Brooklyn can bring fair weather — or snow. Which will it be this year?

Photo by Ellen Freudenheim

Welcome to The "Brooklyn Raindeer Report"™

The Brooklyn Raindeer Report™ advises all parents, Santas, Christmas carolers, elves, and of course Brooklyn reindeer as to the likelihood of rain, snow, or warm weather on Christmas Day and Christmas Eve.


Will the weather be naughty or nice in New York this Christmas? What will the weather bring us this Christmas and Christmas Eve? Will it snow for Christmas?


The Brooklyn Raindeer Report™: 2013 Christmas Weather in NYC

In a nutshell: Christmas Eve and Christmas Day are predicted to be partly cloudy, with  highs in the   upper 30s and overnight lows in the 20s, according to timeanddate.com.


Santa should be done with his or her work by sunrise, about 7:18A.M. Brooklyn, New York time in 2013.

New sleds and winter snow boots won't be useful this Christmas Day. However, kids might try out new skateboards or bikes, scarves, hats and warm coats — and all indoor toys might prove useful as the afternoon weather will be damp and chilly.

Santa might consider joining the Coney Island Polar Bear Club dip into the Atlantic Ocean; by North Pole standards, it will feel positively warm this year!

Weather Forecast for Christmas Eve &Christmas Day, December 25, 2013

Christmas Eve 2012 in Brooklyn, New York:
High: 31 degrees Fahrenheit and partly cloudy
Low: 22 Fahrenheit
Precipitation: 9%
Humidity: 27%
The Brooklyn Raindeer™ forecast: Cool and dry. No snow. Sunset is at 4:34 PM.


Christmas Day 2013 in Brooklyn New York:
High: 37 degrees Fahrenheit and partly cloudy
Low: 25 Fahrenheit
Precipitation: 20-30%
Humidity: 70%
Raindeer forecast:  Dry. Chilly but not brutally cold. Sunset is at 4:34 PM. The Brooklyn Raindeer™ forecast: Santa should plan to arrive before sunrise, which is at 7:19 A.M., Eastern Standard Time.


Often Warmer-Than-You-Might-Think, Christmas Weather is Fickle

Brooklyn is part of the New York City ecosystem. And like Manhattan and the other boroughs, December holiday weather is quite variable.


One year, we can have sleeting snow storms and cross country skiing in Prospect Park on December 25th. The next year, on a Christmas Eve walk across Brooklyn Bridge the weather feels as balmy as springtime in Florida.

This year, we are having an average weather pattern, compared to decades past. See the historical data below.

Average Temperatures in Brooklyn - Christmas Eve & Christmas Day

For both days, here are the average temperatures, historically:
12/24: Avg. High: 41° Fahrenheit (5 Celsius) Record High: 61° Fahrenheit(16 Celsius) (1996)
12/25: Avg. High: 41° Fahrenheit (5 Celsius) Record High: 63° Fahrenheit(17 Celsius)(1982)

Merry Christmas!

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