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Brooklyn New Year's Eve Activities — Things to Do on New Year's Eve in Brooklyn

New Years Eve Ends 2013, Begins 2014


Not sure what to do this New Year's Eve in New York City? Check out the options right here in Brooklyn.


(Note: This is a work in progress, come back in a day or two to see what's new! We'll be adding more venues, romantic New Year's Eve dinners, and ideas on how to usher in 2014.)

1. New Year's Eve Fireworks in Prospect Park, Party in Grand Army Plaza

Find out when, where, and how to get to the fireworks in Brooklyn. And, here are 5 Brooklyn itineraries for a great New Year's Eve 2014 including the Prospect Park fireworks. Get ideas about dining, bar hopping, and even going to the movies, in combo with the fireworks display.

2. Clubs, Shows & Dancing in Brooklyn on New Year's Eve

Want to go dancing? See an over-the-top show? Find out what's happening this NYE in cool, hot, there's-nothing-like-it Brooklyn.


Brooklyn's 10 Best Shows and Venues for New Year's Eve 2011-2012

3. New Years Eve Walk Over the Brooklyn Bridge: 10 Things to Know

Ellen Freudenheim
So you want to walk over the Brooklyn Bridge on New Year's Eve 2014? What a great idea! There will be fireworks in NY Harbor near Liberty Island at midnight. Get tips and info here about a New Year's Eve bridge walk: FAQ About Walking the Brooklyn Bridge on New Year's Eve in New York City.

4. Dec 31 Fun for Tots at Brooklyn Children's Museum (Crown Heights)

Open from 9:30 A.M. until 5 P.M., this cute children's museum has a special New Year's Eve program for children age 5 and older. It's called Happy New Year and there are programs throughout the day to explain to little kids that 2014 is about to begin!

6. 21 Ways to Spend New Year's Eve at Home

Most Americans, surveys find, prefer to spend New Year's Eve at home. 

7. Midnight Cyclists Party at Belvedere Castle: TIME'S UP New Year's Bike Ride

If you're a cyclist, join in the late night ride to Central Park with the annual TIME'S UP New Year's Eve ride! Meet in Brooklyn, and join others in Manhattan's Central Park for a DIY, BYOB, and FUN New Year's Eve  2014 party. Meet up at 9:45pm, Brooklyn side of Williamsburg Bridge .

9. New Year's Eve in a Brooklyn Sports Bar

On the other hand, it's so appealing to stay local on New Year's Eve. And why not? Brooklyn's got neighborhoods to be proud of. So head toward your local sports bar (or one with a big TV), meet some new people, and watch the freezing throngs count down to midnight in Times Square — while you're sitting inside, comfy and warm.

10. New Years Masquerade Costume Ideas: Be a Knish

Photo courtesy of D.Vander Sande
Be a Brooklyn knish for a New Year's Eve party. It's so Brooklyn!

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